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Full Moon January 19, 2011

Full moon with great snow

It is so nice to have winter really be “winter” ! We have great snow this year and the trails are good. David has been keeping up grooming them every week as we keep getting a good snowfall every few days. If you step off the trail, you’re up to your thigh. Unfortunately because we got early snows, there has been some slush on the creeks and lakes so we have been sticking to the land trails.

It has been a hard start to the winter in terms of precious Wintermoon dogs though. We have lost some of our long time buddies, house dog Sisu, former racer Riley (who we got many years ago from Bruce Kolhase) and the greatest kisser Hanna. They were all such sweet hearts and we miss them very much. Ironically our friend Chel who just moved to Fairbanks, decided not to take all her dogs and so we have 2 year old O-too, Bear’s brother and son of Craig’s Tillie and Jax and 1 year old Foxy (formerlly Stout) and 1 year old Mayatuk, sister to Tahti and Urho, daughter of Wanda and Clark. Mayatuk and O-too are pulling in the teams and Foxy is just learning. Our 10 month old Sami has just started pulling on the sled and is doing great. She still loves her loose runs though and comes very well when called.

Our first two retreats went very well and many thanks to Sarah, Craig, Erika, Lydia, Kate, Karena and Rebecca for helping out. They helped run the dog teams and cook up some wonderful healthy food (and well a million cookies too). I am doing very well on the back of the runners now and I am so happy to be there.

Handler Alissa Hoven has been here a month and is doing great. She says she’s loving it here and really likes learning about the nothern MN culutre and what it takes to have a sled dog team. She is great with and says she loves the guests and being able to share this place, the dogs and the spirit of community with them. Her feeling about the dogs is that they are loving and endearing and then its fun when they get harnessed and get so focused on what they are meant to do. She’s been taking 16 year old elder Sandy into her cabin every night and they both are happy about that.

Beargrease is at the end of January and we will be a handler crew at the Start. It is a a relatively new location up on the Riley Road. We are looking forward to cheering on Jamie Nelson who has not run the Beargrease in many years. Also local Colleen Wallin will be running this year and is such a great dog person. it seems there are lots of women in the mid-distance race also. You can follow it on www.beargrease.com.

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