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Full Moon February 18, 2011

Full moon of amazing youngsters and warm temps

We lost a couple days of mushing this week when temps hit the 40 & 50’s and the trails turned to “mush”. The forecast is for colder and we are confident we will still have some great dogsledding. There is still alot of snow. Up to this week the trails had been fantastic.

We are having so much fun watching the young dogs: 11 month old Sami, 1 year old Tahti, Urho and Mayatuk doing so great. They are focused and very eager to run and seem to love going fast. They have 3 year old Trondheim and Lemmikki and 2 year old Bear to run fast with too. These guys are all running in lead and flying around the trails. They are beautiful to watch and be part of their team. Our elders are making up some heartfelt and strong teams too: leaders Signe and Eleanor (12) are doing runs with Cinder, Kettle, Oskar, Louisa and Juno. Our two new dogs are getting some runs in too. One year old Foxy is still having a hard time at the gangline but once we get moving really likes to run. We got some hard news when O 2 (Bear’s brother) went to the vet. He has progressive retinal atrophy and is already partially blind. It makes him seem a little shy but he still loves to run, and so of course, we do.

It’s been great to have lots of help from friends Sarah, DJ, CJ, Kate, Karena, Lynne and Chris. They all know the dogs and all so well that it has really made trips go well. I am doing well mushing now and it seems easier than walking.

The great snowfalls had the woods looking picture perfect, adding to the serenity and beauty that envelopes us as we mush down the trails. David’s wonderful trail grooming adds to the delight of being with an exuberant team of huskies. We are at the height of wonder and wonderful.

And another blessing especially appreciated this time of year is eating our produce from last summer: turkey dinners, with potatoes and squash from the garden, pesto with garlic and sun dried tomatoes from the garden, frozen rhubarb and strawberries on egg bake from our laying hens. We are enjoying this winter!

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