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Full Moon March 19, 2011

Full moon of happy dogs

It’s the time of the season when we have enough miles on the dogs that they’re in great shape and the running seems easy They fly down the trails with smiles on their faces. As Gary Paulsen says in DOGTEAM : “Did you did you did you…. Did you want it to last forever?” Yes. Last week end Alisa and I took a four dog team to check out Petrell Creek, Chris was on the sled behind with Trondheim, keeping up and even braking- he was amazing and full of it.

The other dogs are all doing great in the teams too. A couple of new older leaders are emerging, William and Val, and doing very well. It was Val who led the gee turn this morning. And the youngsters, one year olds Tahti, Urho, Mayatuk and Sami, are all screaming to go whenever they see the harnesses. The bring alot of energy to the teams. See Sami pulling in the team on her first birthday, March 11 on our Facebook page: Wintermoon Summersun.

We have one dog on “couch” leave. Balto has had a limp and after x rays showed his hips are ok, we are treating him for a pulled tendon. He loves being inside. Sparky has recovered well from his 3 surgeries: 2 pulled teeth, a growth on his back and neutering. He’s happily back on the teams again with a special harness that doesn’t touch his back.

We had a possible close call taking Urho on a loose walk. He went with a snowshoeing group out the Dogwood to Petrell Creek and ran up and down the creek. The next day the group skied back there, without Urho, and there were lots of fresh wolf tracks all over. A young dog could easily decide to chase wolves and run into problems. Lucky. We do love to take them on loose walks though.

Elders Raven and Sandy are having some aging problems. Sandy has had several seizures and Raven’s blood tests show weak liver and gall bladder.

The trails have been good. We got some fresh snow after the last thaw and we’re expecting more from the forecast. Last year at this same time all of our snow was gone so I’m very happy that’s not the case this year.
The mushers are doing well too. Alisa has really taken to it and thinks it’s exciting. She loves the rhythm and balance aspects and the challenge of mushing. And I’m doing great; even running up some of the hills now. Many thanks to so many who have helped out this winter: DJ, Manya, Sarah, Kate, Karena, Craig. And to Matt and Kate for web support and pictures: see Matt’s sledding photos on our Facebook page, and see more of his work at GoMattOlsonPhotography.com.

We really enjoyed have the School of Environmental Studies students here again doing a circumpolar field study. Besides building a huge quinzee, dogsledding, snowshoeing and learning about the circumpolar cultures, a highlight was the guest speaker Noel. He is a young Inuit from Tuktoyaktuk. This may sound familiar to some of you as I have mentioned it often: it is the village in the NW Territorries where my first dog came from. I was thrilled to talk with him and find out that his grandfather had sled dogs and when I showed him pictures of Hildur and Petra, pups of my first dog Cayenne, he said they looked exactly like his grandfather’s dogs.

I have made a change in the summer schedule for Heart in the Earth. It will be August 12-14. This is the program where we bring in guest speakers, music, a variety of activities for a connection with the outdoors and natural world. They include Mary Shideler, the Kayak Lady who has paddled 1007 lakes in Itaska county, an herbal workshop, kayaking, canoeing, yoga, hiking, massage and much more. Please see our Heart in Earth page on this web site.

And we will be having lots of kayaking weekends offering basic instruction, trips to Lake Superior, the Kayak Festival and more. Please see the Kayak page.

We are ignoring the signs of spring,… the pine grosbeaks have left, there was an eagle sitting in a tree right behind the dog yard, the pussywillows, where the sun rises in the mornings, the length of the days, the red polls, … and enjoying every minute of winter offered to us. It is our moment in time, our peace and what our best friends love doing the most.

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