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Full Moon April 17, 2011

Moon of many melts and many snows

I didn’t really think I’d be wearing my mukluks again, but, oh… it’s April in Minnesota. Four days ago a tank top and no snow and now 5″ of snow. I wasn’t completely fooled though, I had left one sled out even when all the winter snow 91 inches had melted. So first a sweet team of Gabby and Bear to check it out, then Trondheim, Lemmikkii and I flew down the newly white trail, going way too fast to be able to care about the rocks. Big smiles for all ! The next day it was Kettle & Wing, Malcom & Chloe’s turns (see pictures). We have also started taking out the 4 wheeler, usually with 8 dogs.

Some of you got to meet the new dog Foxy, a one year old who does not like having the harness put on or being hooked up to the gangline. I just got him in December and don’t know what his past experiences were like but I haven’t experienced this type of aversion before. We tried to run him this winter but it was stress for all. Sharon was here in February for the psychologists trip and he captured her interest. She graciously came back this month to do some one on one with Foxy and it has had a great influence. With the help of treats, he learned immediately to sit and has become much better at putting on the harness and walking with it. Many thanks to her and Kristen for all the good work.

And we just got two more “new” dogs: Sulu and Vahti from Gail, a musher in Babbitt who does some short distance racing. These two brothers were a little big and slower for her teams and needed a good home. They will fit in very well with my group of younger dogs and I needed more males. And what are the chances that I would get a dog named Vahti when I already have a dog named Tahti? I will try to get some pictures of them soon.

The rest of the dogs are doing good. Balto recovered from his inflamed shoulder tendon, Malcom from his throat infection, Sandy is on seizure meds, Urho is recovering from a cut to his pad and Signe’s fur is starting to grow back in (even though she was willing it not to so she could stay in the cabin). There’s been lots of dog walks already too and the dogs are lovin’ them. I am doing very well walking the dogs now too, 6 months this week.

Last week was Alisa’s end of the season and we will miss her very much. She has an internship this summer with Outward Bound in Ely that she is really looking forward to. And she is working on more writing. She also will be back here in August to be a speaker and helper with Heart in the Earth.

So speaking of Heart in the Earth, the dates are now AUGUST 12-14. It is a time for women to be in the outdoors, having fun, learning new skills and experiencing the wonder and health of nature. We have a great list of speakers: Laura Erickson, author of For the Birds, who will speak on Close Encounters of the Bird Kind. Mary Shideler from Grand Rapids, author of Mary The Kayak Lady: One Woman, One Boat, 1007 Lakes, will share her 15 years of kayaking all the lakes in Itaska County. Alisa Hoven will talk about her monumental bike ride from Itaska Park to New Orleans. The activities will include kayaking, hiking, biking, music, herbs, massage, yoga and more. Please see the Heart in the Earth page.

And there’s lots of dates to choose from for beginning kayaking this summer including an advanced beginner trip that will include a trip to the Two Harbors Kayak Festival, the first w/e in August. If you have a group of 6 or more and would like to reserve a week end just for your group (can include men), please let me know.

The chicken house has a new look. The old window had broken and St. Paul Sarah helped me find a new one on Craigs’ List and go get it. Alisa, David and I installed it and it works great, lots of glass for them to get sunlight.

I have a feeling I have done my last sledding on snow for the season and will try not to get too crabby about it…. there’s probably a reason I have been doing it since 1984 though…. that feeling of freedom and wind in my face, the extreme connection with my huskies and watching their beauty and passion and strength in running, dog kisses, being immersed in nature and feeling part of the natural world and wild places. I hope that all of you who have joined us can still feel these things too and know that if a husky could send a kiss via computer, they would. Many thanks.

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