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Full Moon May 17, 2011

Moon of woodcock peents and 4 wheeler runs

Spring has come to the Northland….. the yellow blur of goldfinches, robins digging worms in the newly tilled gardens, hummingbirds, rose breasted grosbeaks, the dusk mating calls of the woodcock and temps into the 60’s. I have finally put the sleds away and gotten out the 4 wheeler. We are running 8 dogs most mornings and then usually a few of the elders with the belts. Most mornings it has been in the 30’s and it feels great.

Then by noon it’s warmed up nicely and we can get out into the gardens. The garlic is looking great and we have some onions and peas in. David has started the “warmer” plants at his cabin: 160 tomatoes and peppers, basil, squash, broccoli, herbs and flowers.

New handler Heidi started last week and lucky for us she has great carpentry skills. We put them to use right away, starting David’s sauna. Mietek came up to help also and in 3 days we got it all framed in and roof boards on. Next we are starting on re-doing our garden fence as the deer have made a mess of it. The Wintermoon arch is now memorialized in pictures and a new one being planned. Alisa peeled lots of new tamarack and spruce poles before she left and they look great. Alisa will be working at Outward Bound in Ely this summer but will be back for Heart in the Earth.

We were at an expo for green and sustainable businesses and products last week end in St Paul. I was surprised that the attendance seemed lower than normal. I always hope that these concepts are here to stay and not just a passing fad.

The dogs are doing very well. Sandy seems to be stabilized on her seizure meds and Balto ran this week with the 4 wheeler for the first time since his inflamed tendon this winter and is not limping and seems to be all ok. The only one with concerns is Clark who still has his stuffy nose; took him to the vet again and we are trying a couple more things; perhaps he has allergies. I’ve been able to stay ahead of the girls coming into heat and moving them in time so I don’t think there are any new pups on the horizon. After Sharon was here and taught Foxy to sit, which he is still doing very well, Rebecca was up and decided to teach Skipper to sit too. He is a rowdy boy and it would be a good thing; well he learned it right away and we practice every day. Maybe they are both lead dog material :).

Here’s an invitation to anyone who might like to come up and volunteer some this summer. We always can use help with the dogs and the gardens. We’re open to just about any time too. Perhaps a get away to the woods and quiet with some good physical work, good food, sauna, …. would be something you’d be interested in.

There are still openings for Heart in the Earth August 12-14 and the kayaking week ends. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the summer offerings. And as Agnes Whistling Elk advises, “Listen and feel the earth breathing beneath you. She will talk to you.”

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