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Full Moon June 15, 2011

Moon of no rain and little seedlings

David has brought over hundreds of little plants he started: tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, basil, squash,…. and in the gardens they have gone. At least most of them; still have a few to do. But the weather has been very dry, no rain for weeks and we are one and three quarters inches below normal. There’s been a lot of hand pumping to keep them watered. At least we are assured that they are safe. We redid the entire fence around the gardens, seven feet high, reinforced and if a deer does get in, I want to see it. We actually haven’t been seeing the deer at the bird feeders as they have natural food and are delivering their little fawns and stick close to them.

We have been having an amazing wildlife experience though. Just off the driveway, where we have stockpiled some firewood and lumber, a fox has dug a den. And during the last couple weeks, we have seen 5 fox kits. They cautiously peek their head out the den and come out, sometimes playing with each other, sometimes just watching. Yesterday driving down #44, I found a grouse someone had recently hit, so I gave it to them. Didn’t get to see them eat it though.
Our first kayak trip last week end was great; it was so nice to be out on the water again. Some of the women came all the way from Texas and Colorado and they were treated to North Woods delights- we saw an osprey dive into Salo Lake for a fish, loons, turtles, eagles, deer in the shallows of the lake, ducks, beaver and not very many bugs.

I also wanted to say that there are lots of openings on the rest of the summer’s kayak trips. If you think a retreat in the North Woods, with great food, expert kayak instruction and no experience necessary, the company of wonderful women, peacefulness, some dog kisses, … would interest you, please let me know. The schedule of dates is on our sea kayaking page.

And there are still openings for August 12-14 Heart in the Earth – Women Outdoors. It is a gathering here in Brimson of many wonderful speakers: Laura Erickson, Mary Shideler, Alissa Hoven, Pam Thompson and activities, including yoga, hiking, kayaking, herb tour,music, ….. It is an energizing and fun time.

I have adjusted the “Wintermoon Calendar Girls” calendar to start with July 2011 – June 2012 and have copies available for $20. includes postage. There are some great pictures of dogsledding, kayaking, gardening, snowshoeing, “mooning”, all things outdoors women love to do,… in the buff. It is a benefit for the vet fund for the dogs.

Speaking of the huskies, I was putting straw in their houses recently and it’s fun because in this warmer time of year, one can spend a lot more time with them. Well, little miss Emma T. (aka jumping bean), she is the best hugger. It is amazing how still she can be when she’s cuddling. And she prefers to do it in your lap. “Queen” Ida, at 11 becomes very puppy like, play bowing, jumping… she is down right excited about straw. And darn if Chloe didn’t have 8 rocks in her house. She has her red kong so she won’t do rocks but I guess she still really likes rocks. I can’t imagine that it is that comfortable to sleep with though. Mr O 2, who has progressive retinal atrophy, was very quiet and just stood perfectly still by me. I think he was trying to figure out what I was doing. Then there are those pups, Mayatuk, Urho and Tahti who think because you are down on you hands and knees that it is a great time to jump all over you. I usually laugh a lot during this job.

The dogs are doing great. We haven’t gone out with the 4 wheeler since June 2 but I haven’t put it away yet either. We still could get a very cool morning and get out. Lots of dog walks with the skijor belt and harness.

Kissa came up to me and rolled his eyes and said all you do is talk about the dogs, well tell them I am good and having a great time cuddling with my soul mate Raven. They really are very connected, and the same age: 16!

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