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Full Moon July 15, 2011

Moon of Naughty Huskies

It’s been a month with some wild husky stories.

I had been bringing in a few of the dogs when we have the summer thunderstorms: Juno, Signe and 16 year old Sandy. Sandy is really a sweet dog and really likes being in the cabin so I thought I’d try letting her being an inside dog. When she went out to pee she would come right back in and I was starting to trust her. Then one day, I was distracted out in the dog yard for like only about 10 minutes. Came back to put her in and no Sandy….. called & called, looked & looked, started walking trails calling and looking, turned to hours, drove the roads, got dark… I slept with the light on and the door open, but no Sandy. In the morning I called in help, Anita and David, then Sarah and I all drove, hiked, called, … no Sandy. Finally about 8 that night while we were sitting down to eat dinner, Anita saw all the dogs looking down the driveway. We ran out and yes, there’s something coming down the road…. I called and up trotted Sandy! A 28 hour walkabout! She went straight for the cabin, drank a lot, was ravenous but seemed o k. Oh for a chance to ask her where she was. Was she lost? Did she walk the whole time? Did she find the fox kits? Where did she sleep? We of course were too happy to be mad, and she was pretty stiff the next morning.

Two days later, I noticed that Tahti, our 1 year old Wanda/Clark puppy, had not eaten her dinner. This is very unusual; she usually inhales it all. The next day, not eaten again and not much poop either. I knew we needed to see the vet and I had a suspicion as last fall she had thrown up 2 rocks. X rays at the vet showed a rock in her stomach just starting to block the intestine. Yes, they could do immediate surgery. After wearing a plastic cone on her head for two weeks to prevent licking or chewing the stitches, she is now doing fine. But the question is how to stop her from this behavior. It seems that some dogs have a problem with rock eating.

Then exuberant Urho, Tahti’s brother, wanted to go with us on a walk, broke his chain, and started running down the driveway, just when a fox started down towards us. Luckily Urho didn’t see the fox and came when we called.

All the rest of the dogs are doing well. Mostly they are trying to stay cool as we have had a number of days in the 80’s. Nate was here last week and kindly brushed some of the big furry boys: Uno-tuk, Malcom and Juno. The new boys, Sulu and Vahti are learning how to go on walks and Vahti is doing quite well.

You know how some people don’t like to go to the movies alone, well Kettle doesn’t like to walk alone. We tried walking him next to Eleanor, with a neck line, and that really seemed to help.

And then there was the birthday bear. It isn’t the first time a black bear has showed up on my birthday. This time however it was after I had gone to bed so not as much fun. Actually Tahti’s barking let me know something was up and there he was, pushing over the bird feeder. He was beautiful and quite a treat to see. He had not been here for over a year.

The fox kits that had the den off the driveway have started traveling with mom. They were gone for almost 2 weeks, then a couple showed up this week again but not at the den anymore. They look about half grown already.

The gardens are coming along. We finally got a lot of rain, over 3 inches a couple weeks ago. We are eating greens and herbs, the potatoes have flowers, small heads have formed on the broccoli and the tomatoes, peppers and squash are blooming.

With summer full upon us, there’s a multitude of colors of green against the bluest of skies, bright wildflowers poking out of the woods, bird song filling the air,… a sensory paradise to enlighten the hauling of buckets and watering and weeding and scooping. It feels balanced.

There are still openings for Heart in the Earth August 12-14 with some amazing speakers: ornithologist Laura Erickson, kayaker Mary Shideler, herbalist Pam Thompson and lots of fun activities and great food. Also, spaces for many of the kayaking trips are still open.

And we are looking for some good sled dog photos for the newly designed web site too.

I recently read a wonderful quote: “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” Author Louis Sabin

Moon of Helping Friends

There have been some wonderful friends helping out at Wintermoon Summersun this past month with the dogs, gardens and web site, and I really appreciate it.

Kate and Matt have the web site updated and looking good. Anita spent many weeks here, getting up early on her “school vacation”, to walk with those wonderful huskies, help look for Sandy, and with the many projects we have in progress. A birthday treat was Sarah coming to build a beautiful brick patio for the sauna and help with everything else from dogs, kayak instruction, gardens and … It was great to have Rebecca and Nate, Hannah, Lydia and Kia, here to help with dogs and pumping water, and all the chores. And it was fun to have some special times while they were here from seeing the baby fox kits playing, to kayaking and seeing amazing numbers of turtles, blue herons, finding agates and eating from the gardens. Many thanks again for your generous and wonderful friendship.

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