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Full Moon August 13, 2011

Moon of Connecting With Nature

We’re sharing our hearts with the Earth this weekend.  Women gathering to celebrate our connection with nature,  play in the outdoors and learn about amazing experiences from other women.  Last night Laura Erickson shared about her years as a bird rehabilitator; the joys and sorrows from being THE person in our area who would nurse and love hundreds of birds back to health.  We took a country walk to the gardens, labyrinth, chickens and through the woods.  We heard about the possible heavy metal mining in our area and what sulfides can do to our precious environment. Today we will kayak and hear from Mary the Kayak Lady what it is like to spend 15 years paddling 1007 lakes.  Then biking and a tour of herbal retreat Giving Ground, and a presentation from Alisa biking from MN to New Orleans. The connections of women who love the outdoors and nature already have us feeling interwoven like the trees in the forest, the petals of beautiful flowers,  like the chorus of howls from the huskies,… we are beautiful alone and magnificent together. Many thanks to all the women who joined us, Char and Sarah for the great cooking, helpers Kate, Karena, Nicola, Dana, David and Kenny.

Miss Tahti is stealing the show with dog stories. Last month her surgery for rock eating, now this month an experience we have never had before. It was early morning and I was walking Malcom in harness down the driveway and letting Tahti run loose with us. She is very good at staying by me and coming when called. We were just about to the curve in the driveway and she was up ahead where I could not see her when I heard her yelp. At first I thought she ran into a branch or something, but I had this feeling I should call her. I yelled her name several time and shortly she came running down the driveway towards me…. But right behind her was another very large canine!  I have to say for a split second I thought, what dog got loose but I quickly realized this was a very large wolf. I called some more and luckily she came running to me and the wolf stopped right at the curve, only about 40 feet away! I grabbed her collar and the 3 of us just stared.  The wolf just stood there and stared at us. Then I caught some movement off to my left in the woods, there was another wolf just staring at us, about 30 feet away! They were of course beautiful but I wasn’t sure what to do.  So after a moment, I yelled at them, nothing:  they did not move. Then I waved my free arm, nothing; they did not move. I picked up a small rock and threw it in the direction of the closest wolf, nothing: it did not move. I wasn’t really afraid or think that they would attack but wanted to let them know that I wanted them to leave. Then I decided to find a stick to have and when I walked over to the side of the driveway and reached down for a branch, they both walked off. We stood for awhile longer and then slowly walked/backed our way back home. As I did I was thinking about the fact that I had just walked both Sulu and Vahti all the way down the driveway just before this…. Were they there then?  Had they been watching? I looked Tahti over when we got back but did not see any injuries but 2 days later an abscess appeared on her side. The wolf must have gone after her and bit her.  It took about 2 weeks of antibiotics to heal. About a week later I walked Tahti down the driveway again, in harness with the belt and when she got to the place where we had been standing, she stopped, acted very jumpy and turned around to go back home. It must have scared her. No dogs walking loose now.

All the rest of the dogs are doing great. The mornings have been cool enough for walks and lots of guests are helping out.  We are wondering if miss Wanda is getting a little chubby but we’ll know by the next full moon.

The gardens are coming along although the tomatoes are very slow this year. Lots of green ones but ripening very slowly.   Have pulled most of the garlic and it looks great.

We are planning a TRAILS WEEKEND  OCTOBER 21-23  and everyone is invited. I provide the food, Bunk-her, sauna… and we work on getting the dog trails in shape for winter.  It can be a combination of nipping and clearing existing ones and building new ones.  It would be great to start getting a trail on the “new” land that is our northernmost border.

Many of you know DJ, from NY who comes and helps on many trips during the winter. Our congratulations to her and her partner Anne who got married on the 12th!   Lydia (who has the distinction of running 8 dogs one morning), Sarah’s daughter will be leaving for Northland College in a couple weeks. Alisa is still interning at Outward Bound and hopes to be there this winter after taking a bike trip in the northeast this fall. Kate and Matt just returned from weddings in Germany.

If you are interested in dogsledding this winter and would like to take a week end just for your group of 6-8, please let me know soon. I am scheduling the “contract” groups now and the dates that are still available are: December 30- January 1 (it is very fun to spend New Years in the woods), January 6-8, 20-22, February 10-12, 24-26, and March 9-11.  Our trails are also great for skiing and snowshoeing and we can take men and children with your contract groups.  More on dogsledding trips.


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