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Full Moon September 12, 2011

Moon of slowly ripening tomatoes and a warm end to summer

Lots of days in the 80’s again and that usually meant warm nights too so no 4 wheel training with the dogs yet.  We did have one 30 degree morning about a week ago.  I covered all the outside plants like squash, peppers, basil and closed the greenhouses so farming continues.  That’s a good thing because there are still hundreds of green tomatoes.  Everyone’s are slow this year, even Mike Olund’s greenhouses.

Have gone out wild ricing a couple times but the rice is lean this season.  The grass stalks have dried up and not produced full heads of rice.  Both on Clark and Breda Lakes we’ve been treated to seeing whistling swans.  These last two years are the first time I’ve seen these beautiful white birds residing here.

The maples are starting to turn and we love fall, partially because it means winter is on the way.  Another harbinger is working on trails and  we have gotten a good start on clearing them already.  We are planning to build a new trail on the 86 acres we recently bought which is on the north end of our property.  It will have many interesting features including going along Petrell Creek and an amazing beaver lodge, along Toimi Creek and through the old Tuominen homestead.   I am planning a trails weekend Oct 22-23 and anyone who would like to come up for some nice physical time in the woods, is welcome.  I provide the food, bunk-her, sauna, dog time,….  let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

There are several weekends still available this winter if you have a group of 6 – 8 and would like to reserve for just your group.  Groups can include men and children.  They are New Year’s-December 30-Jan 1,  January 6-8, February 10-12 and March 16-18.   For more on dogsledding see Trips or call/email for details.

March 9-11 dogsledding will be for Heart in the Earth alumni.  If you’ve ever attended Heart in the Earth, you are welcome to join us.  We have invited herbalist Pam Thompson to come and give a winter herb snowshoe.  She loves showing how much there is to gather and what can be done with it in the winter.  Also invited back are master chefs Sarah and Char, master masseuse Dana and movement specialist Nicola.   Many thanks again to all who helped and participated in Heart in the Earth.  It was an energizing and rejuvenating time in the woods.

I can tell the dogs are getting antsy to pick up the pace for training.  We are still going on our harness walks, no loose dogs since Tahti got attacked by the wolf on the driveway and the big boys are really frustrated by that.  Tried Trondheim on the mountain bike but he really hadn’t done it before and when he whipped around the bike and brought me to the ground, luckily on my good hip, we decided to go back.  I have heard the forecast if for much cooler mornings and the 4 wheeler and I are ready.  It’s a great feeling and what a difference a year can make.  The dogs are doing great.  Last night after feeding, I was petting and cuddling my dear Odin as the full moon rose over the pines….  couldn’t think of a place I would rather be.

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