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Full Moon October 11, 2011

Full Moon of Tail Tales

What a glorious fall we’ve been having, except that we really need rain. We’re over 2” behind but luckily the Pogama Creek fire has been kept under control. The leaves were late to turn and fell quickly filling the dog dishes daily. We all feel the invigorating effects of cooler weather and training is going well.

You know the old saying “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” Well if you’re the musher, the scenery doesn’t either. Sitting on the 4 wheeler behind 8 dogs, I am struck by all the differences in the dog’s tails. And do their tails tell a tale….. One of the most unique is Tahti because she wags it up and down, perhaps because she is named after a constellation? It is so cute. From early on I was delighted by the white tip on the end of my dog’s tails. Then when I got retired dogs from Claire and Chris, there were many with black tips. They tend to have more hound in their dogs and that is what I attribute it to. And then there is this black spot of fur that I had noticed about 6” from the tail base. Virtually every dog had it. Turns out that wolves have a gland there. Researchers are not sure what it is for and all that’s left in dogs is the black spot of fur, particularly pronounced on dogs like Trondheim, Urho and Raven. Sweet girl Raven is almost 17 and was chasing butterflies in the yard last week. Urho has the curliest tail I have ever seen. Sparky must lift weights with his as he can bowl you over when he wags it, which is a lot. Kapu’s is so long it almost touches the ground. Her brother Uno-tuk holds his the highest up of all. Emma T. wags hers with her whole hind end. When she holds hers up, Louisa has the most interesting fur color patterns on the back of her legs. And who has the most beautiful? I vote Lemmikki ; (you thought I would say Bear) He can be the cutest boy tail. DJ votes Uno-tuk . She is here for a few days and we are putting a new roof on the Petrell cabin.

Speaking of wolves, we haven’t seen them on the driveway lately, which is a good thing. It’s nice to know they are out there but I didn’t like having them wait for us at the corner. No bears at the feeder either. Lots of chickadees and gray jays now it’s been cooler.

We also have some trail building coming up. The cooperative cabin folks are helping to build a new trail that will go right by the Tuominen homestead on the new land.

And OCTOBER 22-23 is a Trails Weekend. Everyone is invited; I provide the food and Bunk-her and we spend 4-5 hours Saturday and Sunday am nipping and clearing. Also sauna, playing with huskies,…. Give me a call if you are interesting in joining in on the fun.

I am still looking for a handler for this winter. I would like someone to start sometime in December. If you like dogs, interesting women, snow, great food, living sustainably, good exercise,… or know someone who might please get a hold of me. We are really looking forward to having a fun winter.

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