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Full Moon November 10,2011

Full Moon of  ” Workin’ in the Dog Yard…”

Most people probably think I am wishing for snow.  I love snow.  However, it has been very nice to have a warm, fairly dry fall as there are a lot of chores to do to be ready for mushing season.  I’m not complaining…. I’ve been lovin’ being out in the dog yard shoveling the three dump truck loads of gravel into all the dog digging holes and leveling the dog houses.  The legs have also been put up on little (recycled from Sarah) cement pads.  This added height helps keep the snow out.  (Local meteorologists are predicting more than normal snowfall!)  Some of the houses have needed new legs, tops and insulation.   The dog yard looks good and the dogs have been having fun helping and providing comic relief.  Sami loved being in her house peeping out with no top on it and Emma T. liked playing hide and seek with my hat.

We have been doing some trail work but there’s still some nipping left.  If anyone is so inclined to come up and be out in the woods, let me know.

Pretty much every morning we are taking an eight dog team out with the four wheeler.  My neighbor Karen has been a great help.  I’ve been trying many different dogs in lead and it is particularly interesting to watch how they develop and how they interact with each other.  My older faithfuls, Malcom, Odin, Wing, Ida and Balto have been doing well although Odin seems to have a deaf ear for stay tight.  I’m trying to put a female with him that will make him do it.  Actually his sister Val,  2/3 his size and who wasn’t really a lead dog before I got her a year ago, is doing well with it.  She also seems to like being in lead.  The three and four year olds, Trondheim, Lemmikki, Bear and Wanda are amazing.  They are remembering the commands and do an excellent job of stay tight.  I have been moving the youngsters, Tahti,  Urho,  Mayatuk and Sami up to point, right behind the leaders and they all seem to like it and are doing great.  Urho sometimes gets intimidated by any bossy female.  They really like to run a lot.   Everyone in the kennel is doing great.  And I am sure they are looking forward to snow.

Still doing interviews for a handler so please let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested.  It could be a very fun and  meaningful winter.  I love the friendships I have with the young women who take the risk to try this unique experience.  And speaking of former handlers, in a couple days  Cara (who has been living in N.C. ) is coming for a visit and at the end of the month Alisa will come before she heads to Outward Bound for the winter.  She just completed her 1,000 bike trip in New England. You can see it at www.autumnpedals.tumblr.com.  Big news for former winter handler Kate; she and Matt are engaged and plan to be married in May!

And with it getting dark so early I am able to do more reading.   I’m actually re-reading a book Judy gave me on a kayak trip in the BWCAW:  The Holy Man by Susan Trott.  It’s a great story and “Joe (the holy man) encouraged everyone to live to their fullest potential, understanding that it was devotion to one’s work or art or sport that led to accomplishment and personal fulfillment while also contributing to the world’s progress”.

We hope you consider joining us this winter for a rejuvenating and exciting time in the Northwoods with the most wonderful huskies in the world.

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  1. Manya Franks
    November 10, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    It’s just so great to be able to keep up with what’s going on at Wintermoon. I for one can scarcely wait for February and my annual trip to visit the dogs (and Kathleen, of course)! I can’t imagine a winter without Wintermoon!! We had 9″ of snow here in NorthEast PA a couple of weeks ago – of course it didn’t last, but what fun it was to imagine being on the back of a dogsled again!!! Thanks Kathleen for keeping us all up-to-date with life in Brimson……….can’t wait to see you!

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