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December Full Moon of “where’s the snow?”

Well,  we haven’t had to spend much time shoveling, or snowshoeing the trails, or brushing off the solar panels,….  little consolation really, as we would really like some snow!  And we also need it because I don’t have much brakes left on the 4 wheeler.   We’ve had several small snowfalls but not enough to get the sleds out.

The day after last month’s full moon was 11-11-11.  I wanted to do something special and chose to go to the Petrell meadow where we have built a labyrinth.  I walked the spiral path to the center where we’ve built a little rock seat under a pine tree.  As I sat, thinking and dreaming, off in the woods I could hear a flock of ravens talking to each other.  It turns out they were like the opening act, focusing my attention because then, in the same direction off to the west, a pack of wolves howled.    In reading later from Medicine Cards  “The senses of the wolf are very keen, and the moon is its power ally.  The moon is the symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom.”

On a lighter note from the day, and I am not making this up: my odometer turned 111,111.

The dogs are doing great. We are usually taking out 8 dogs and  I’m having to use more brake to slow them down as they build their endurance and strength.  We’ve also been working on going different ways to practice their commands.  We have been walking Foxy hooked with a neckline to different  females and he is doing pretty well at it.  He still is not comfortable being on the gangline, however that is our goal for this winter.  He loves to run and goes continuously around his post.

We were delighted to be featured in the Lake Superior Magazine’s article on Girls’  Getaways.  They interviewed Manya (Pennsylvania) and Rhonda (Oregon), who come every Presidents week end.  It’s always interesting to hear what others might say about you and I was taken with Rhonda’s thoughts:  ” Kathleen is one of those rare people you meet on this planet who are doing exactly what they are meant to be doing.”

We have an intern, Kathryn Martin, coming from Ithaca, NY in January to spend the winter with us.  She read Gary Paulsen as a child, lived in remote places and loves dogs so it sounds like a good fit.  Her degree is in recreation.

And I have been enamored with chickadees lately.  They are the first to come in the morning and the last to leave the feeders at the end of the day.  Today it was with the moon coming up behind them.  Did you know that their heart beats 1,000 times a minute, their body temperature is 104 degrees and that they prefer sleeping alone, usually in tree cavities.  It is an inspiration that such a small being can have such a large amount of energy and spirit.

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