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Full Moon February 7, 2012


Too many places this winter are looking at “brown” and we have been fortunate to have gotten and kept white beautiful snow.  Not as much as normal but we have some great places to mush and so we are very very glad.   Like this past Saturday, three fast and evenly matched sled dog teams mushing on Petrell Creek,  everything covered with hoarfrost and the sun just burning through the misty clouds.   It was  beauty and timeless and one could feel a peace within and with the world.     May I digress about hoarfrost.   It is magical and one feels in a winter wonderland;  every tree, weed, branch…. is covered with a white coating of interlocking ice crystals. It is frozen dew from saturated air which occurs when the temperature of the surfaces is below freezing.


Our Dogwood  has also been a great trail and as so many times in winter, tells us an interesting  story.   On Sunday, we had just come up off Petrell Creek and I could see a large amount or  yellow urination on the side of the trail that had not been there the day before when we had passed by on our bog slog adventure to the Tuominen homestead.  Then I started noticing drops of blood on the trail so we stopped.  I was concerned that one  of the dogs may have hurt it’s foot.  Checked each dog and no blood, they were ok.   Then I walked ahead and the drops of  blood continued.  No consistent pattern or shape…..  We continued on and so did the blood.   Then another large amount of urine marking.   Then a scat on the trail with blood by it.  It actually seemed larger than fox but smaller than wolf.   Did the animal hurt it’s self and was bleeding?   Was that animal carrying something it had  killed, like a rabbit or grouse and that was what was bleeding?  Or, and I have to say probably the farthest stretch but the guess we all liked the best,  was a female (not one of my dogs)  in heat and dripping blood?  The day before we had seen fresh wolf tracks on the creek and then several places where it looked like there were many tracks/packed snow in a 10 by 10 foot area.   The wolves in our area breed around the end of February.  Perhaps this year with it being warmer than normal, they could be earlier.


And speaking of that,  we are working on developing a new genre of huskies:  the Scandinavian husky.   It is when you take a Trondheim (Norway) and cross him with a Sami ( Lapland, northern Finland).   It was January 29.  Gestation is 59-63 days and I am sure they will be beautiful and fast!


The dogs are doing great this winter and youngsters Tahti, Mayatuk, Urho and Sami continue to run in lead with experienced partners.  Uno-tuk has been doing particularly well in lead this year.   We had another close call with Tahti eating another rock (how can she even get them with the ground frozen?) but I got her to throw it up and all seems well.  And that 14 year old  Kettle,  is still wanting to go out and runs in lead with the elders.


I have been mentioning a new trail that we are working on and  last trip on a sunny afternoon we walked it.  Possibly to be named the Homestead because it goes through an old one at the confluence of Toimi and Petrell Creeks but also affectionately called the Erratic because there are two wonderful  large glacial erratic boulders it passes.   We started working on it this fall and it is perhaps 20% completed so it was fun to follow our flagging and see it in the winter.   Next year I’m hoping.


One of the hardest things about having huskies is their life span.  We lost our beloved house husky Raven last month;  she was almost 17.   Her spirit helped me feel centered, filled the house with joy and provided Kissa with the best cuddling buddy ever.  One of my best inner dog circle friends Craig wrote me : Wintermoon dogs are gifts to all they meet, and for those of us who have been privileged to have known some of them since their birth they become markers for our own lives as well.  Raven was one of those dogs for me, a wise girl who loved to run and who tolerated the failings of humans with the patient grace that the best dogs have.”


We have been having wonderful mushing adventures this winter with women from California, well actually Suzanne who has come for 14 years, North Carolina, and I’m happy to say that number is growing, thanks Vivian for bringing Amber,  Seattle- with courage from Julie to come and Diane to be home healing,   Colorado- well actually Andrea who has come for 17 years,  Wisconsin- we love our sister state,  Arizona, Oregon, Washington DC,  South Dakota,  our wonderful group  from Mankato,  lots of new friends from the Twin City area and two handlers from upstate New York, no less.   DJ is here for her winter work retreat with Babiche, Oram and Natasha.  Intern Kathryn started January 23 and will be here 12 weeks.  Her thoughts:  “I love it, it’s a lot of hard work but it helps me gain a center.  The dogs have been great friends.”   She is doing a wonderful job and has a soft spot for Malcom.


If you feel you would like to have a little “winter” this year, we have openings on  the March 9-11 and March 16-18 trips.   March 9-11 will have some Heart in the Earth flavor (all alumni are invited!) with Pam Thompson the herbalist and others in addition to dogsledding.


And I want to say a couple things about this spring/summer:   we will have our beginning Kayaking courses and some special retreat adventures.  Also Wintermoon Summersun is available if you have a group (book club,  reunion,  best friends,  …) and would like to meet in the quiet and beauty of the  Northwoods.

If you have ever wanted to try a triathlon we are offering a great week end in the woods of running or walking, kayaking and either biking or hiking.   This is non competitive, just a chance to stretch and rejuvenate yourself and have fun.

SISU (fun) TRIATHLON    AUGUST 18, 2012     First Annual

A 4.4 mile run/walk  (with t shirts, the 30th annual Brimson Sisu) ,  5 mile kayak and part 3 TBD.

I am happy to say we do have a new house husky:  Chloe is trying it out.  She is doing great:  no peeing or pooping in the house,  gets along with Kissa and likes lying in front of the wood stove.

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  1. Claire Seekins
    February 7, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    I love Chloe, she broke her leg as a puppy–and spent lost of time in the house…with her little splint that needed to get changed every couple weeks as she grew….she is named after Chloe Streeper who is now in college, and Amy Streeper shared with me that her Chloe broke her leg when a kid too…life is short but filled with such wonder….

  2. cathy
    February 17, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Chloe is great but I really loved natasha=she didn’t me and uno-tuk. Amazingly beautifull and loving dogs kathleen has.

  3. Matt
    February 20, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    A SISU Triathlon?! Kate already put it on our calendar. We’ve only done the Tri-Loppet in Minneapolis, which was a kayak/run/bike race. Can’t wait to see how the details unfold!

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