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Full Moon of Snow and more Snow


We have gotten close to 30 inches of beautiful snow since the last “moon”.  There is a touch of serenity in falling snow and it has been nice to see it.

And what wonderful and varied groups of mushers since then too.  There was a grandmother/mother/daughter/niece along with four new mother/daughters who gave the dogs an incredible amount of petting and loving.  Congrats to four time Taya and two time McKenzie who did a great job driving the sled.  Before that we were happy to have the School of Environmental Studies return for a fourth year:  seven girls learning about circumpolar cultures, dogsledding, snowshoeing and building a quinzee.  Guest speaker Noel from Tuktoyaktuk returned to share his Inuit culture and give an amazing demonstration on the Northern Games (like the Olympics), see some pics on our facebook.  Everyone had fun trying them.  Some of you have heard of Tuktoyaktuk as my first dog Cayenne was from there and it was exciting to learn that Noel’s grandfather had sled dogs….. maybe Cayenne was from his kennel.  Which also means that Hildur, Petra, Bombo,  Uno-tuk, Kapu, Libby, Trondheim, Lemmikki, Qimmiq, Tillie, Babiche,  Bear and Oh-too.   And Mr. Johnson was almost able to skype with Sergey from Chukchi, Russia, in our living room.  He is with the UMKY (polar bear)  Patrol which protects the walrus haul out areas.  Unfortunately their phones were out.  Noel also shared that his grandfather wrote a book about his life I Nuligak which we have ordered.

It was our pleasure to have Kate’s (winter handler from 07, our web designer and wonderful marketer) bachelorette party here with her family and friends, many who have never gone dogsledding, much less ice bowling, dancing in ball gowns at Hugo’s…    One big moment when was when we were mushing the Dogwood and stopped for a break on Petrell Creek.  It was a beautiful day and we were taking pictures but I guess my lead dogs Lemmikki and Trondheim thought it was taking too long, lunging to go….. and then pop, the gangline broke right in front of the sled leaving them and wheel dog Skipper to run away.  I ran back and commandeered the second sled, leaving Kate’s poor mom standing on the creek, and took off after them.  Luckily they did ok and made it home before me, ran through the dog yard with no distractions, and right up to the front door where Kathryn opened the door and let them in.   All were good and we did take teams back to get the abandoned mushers.

And before that was our chocolate mushing trip:  Nicole from Germany graces us with so much chocolate we need to eat it at every meal.  Good thing we had lots of mushing and snowshoeing to do also.  This is the group that has come, starting with Manya 17 years, Tammy 11 years, Rhonda 10 years, Nicole, 8 years, Kidron 6 years…. and are featured in the Lake Superior Magazine December January issue on Girls’ Getaways.  It also has some nice dogsledding (by Matt Olson) and kayaking pictures.

The dogs are really great and the runs have been going well.  We have been working with Foxy and he can now run on the gangline with another dog (he likes Fran) down the driveway.  We will be trying him soon on a longer run in the team.  With all the great attention he’s been getting he has become quite a lover and cuddler.  Sami, the (just turned 2) baby, has been doing great in lead.  She had a breeding with Trondheim at the end of January but does not look as if she is pregnant.   Wanda (with Uno-tuk)  does look pregnant however this spring she did a false pregnancy and so we will have to wait and see.  Chloe’s doing great and has gone back to the dogyard.  Malcom is in the cabin after seeing the vet yesterday.  We thought he had an infected tooth but after a good cleaning, he is good.  Trondheim and Uno-tuk were both a little sore after the breedings but are running well now.

We have been blessed with good snow  and good help this winter are  having great mushing.  Many thanks to DJ, Manya and Kathryn for all their hard work.  We have talked many times about the satisfaction we feel in being able to share the beauty of nature, the energy and connection of the huskies, the joys of friendship and community and the quiet. As RD Lawrence says “these animals are able to give their human friends an awareness and understanding of life that was missing before the relationship.”

While my head and heart are still 110% mushing, when I was at the thrift store yesterday, I did find some nice kayaking bags.   The kayak schedule is on the Kayak page and I am thinking of offering an advanced beginner trip where we paddle on Lake Superior.  If anyone who has taken the beginner course is interested, let me know your thoughts.


And we are getting ready to put an order in for the sponsorship mugs if anyone is interested.  The $50. donation goes to the vet fund and you get a mug with a picture of whichever dog you love the best.  The $100. level gets a mug and the next chapter of the book, which I really have been writing.


And from one of my wonderful tea table books:  Rockpeople – The Inuksuit Anthology

Great View


The best part

about having

one’s life up in

the air is that

it gives one a

great view of

everything else.


This is especially for all my good friends who have been whipped around a little by life lately,  with love.





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  1. Kate
    March 9, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Thanks again for the amazing bachelorette weekend!!!

  2. Renee
    March 17, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Had an amazing weekend! Thank you for the personal instruction. Many thanks to Kathryn too for my being my Bunk-her buddy!

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