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May 6 Full Moon of celebrating Earth Days


Happy Spring to all…  it really is an early one here too.   The garlic is coming up nicely through the straw mulch, the rhubarb and asparagus are poking up and there were strawberry and spring beauty flowers along the drive as I walked the dogs this morning.  A hummingbird just flew in and out of the living room as I write this too; the living room door is open on this lovely sunny day.


However, the dogs and I got quite the treat April 16 when it snowed almost six inches.

They looked at me,

I looked at them,

I walked to the shed

and took out the sled.

And away we went,

for just a short run,

The snow was just fine,

But the feeling devine!


You can see the story Minnesota Public Radio did about the storm and our interview posted on the full moon news.


Sorry this is late…  I was in the Twin Cities at a Living Green Expo where I had a booth to share about kayaking and dogsledding.  And I love being able to share about what a green business we are, with our 100% solar power,  organic gardens, composting, recycling,…  It is fun to see the look on young folks faces when I share that I have been living off the grid for 39 years.  It is also very nice to see and learn about all the things others are doing too.   There was a huge increase in vendors selling solar panels which makes me feel very optimistic.   I was also lucky- the booth next to us was giving out samples of dark chocolate and there was a husky at the Outward Bound booth across from us.  Many thanks to Lynne, Kate, Rebecca, Dana, Taya and Sarah for helping out at the booth and the nice visiting and to Karena and David for taking care of the dogs.


I was also fortunate to be able to see Joel Salatin speak in Duluth at the end of April.  Many of you know him from Food, Inc. and Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  He’s the grass farmer who raises animals with grass rotation methods and has very adamant environmental views.  I’m about half through his new book  Folks,  This Ain’t Normal and it is full of historical perspective, research, personal experience and opinions.  I like his:  every person, (city folks not exempted, get rid of the parakeet)  should have two chickens and feed them your food waste, get eggs, cut on landfilling,….  He also has some very good serious suggestions and I recommend the book.


His food for thought was very timely with all of our seedlings started and doing well at David’s greenhouse.  Hundreds of everything: tomatoes, basil, peppers, squash, flowers,…..  We have gotten into the gardens some already too, weeding, tilling and having fun. The spinach, lettuce and kale are up in the greenhouse here.   It looks like it could be a very good year.


Kathryn was done with her internship mid-April and has gone back to Ithaca, NY and will graduate this spring.   She will be working at a food coop this summer and hopes to come back for at least a visit next winter.  We miss her, especially the dogs, as she was so caring and connected with them.  She loved to run with them in the mornings.   She needed to do a special project and we chose for her to make a book of the lineage of all the Wintermoon Dogs.  It turned out really well and will be here for all to see.  We also squeezed in an “extra credit” project and made a trail from the cabin, east to the creek and beaver pond, and built a viewing stand overlook, about 9 feet high by a pine tree.   The first evening we used it, geese flew by, a beaver was swimming in the pond and you can see a new raven’s nest.  It will be a fun addition to sharing the natural world here.


We have a new husky, Lydia or “Lyds”.  She is 5, white with brown ears, very friendly and a black green size.  She was leased this winter from Stony Creek Kennel by Kathleen Kimball Baker who had planned to race with her however all the races were cancelled.   I’ve run her several times with the 4 wheeler and she is a good puller.   With Kathryn gone, I have been doing six dogs with the 4 wheeler.  I got the brakes fixed however it still barely can hold six dogs, especially if it is the maniacs, particularly Trondheim.   They are doing so well and hopefully it will stay cool in the mornings through May.  I am also walking/jogging with many of them;  it is such good one on one time and it can be a little warmer when I do that.  I really think that why I have so many good lead dogs is because of the single dog walks they go on, learning to be out front and getting personal feedback about behaviors.  And besides I really like doing it too and it’s good exercise for me.   Ida gets the cute award this month:  (sometimes you just particularly notice something for some reason)  when I bring out the harnesses to walk them and she’s hoping to get picked, she’ll hop up and down with both front feet and almost smile.  Then when she does get picked, she will wag her tail while we walk.  What a sweetheart.   Mr. Malcom was “the one” again, I called him a wolf magnet, Craig thought double agent.  I had walked Malcom down to let the chickens out to eat grass and as we were leaving Makelas, right by the gate, he gave a jump towards the road and I looked, there was a big gray wolf, about 75 feet away.  We all did the Look at Each Other and then the wolf went into the woods, towards the chickens, so we had to go back and make noise by the chickens so they would be ok, and they are.   But that is the second time I have seen a wolf, close, while walking a dog and both times it was Malcom.  So far there are no puppies, however I am still trying for a litter this summer, or should I say Trondheim and William are trying and our sweet Kapu seemed in agreement.  And something new in husky landscaping: the patio.  Only thing is probably now all the dogs will want one.  Tahti has her own 12′ x 12′ cement block patio for the purpose of preventing her from digging and ultimately eating rocks.   Working well so far.


It will be my 25th anniversary of Wintermoon 2012-13 and I have started to think of ways to celebrate.  One thing we plan to do is have a trip to the Start of the Iditarod, March 2013!   Manya and I will be leading it and we have started to gather all the details, housing, banquet, kennel visits,…  there will be 4 spaces so let me know if you are interested.  Also this is the time that I am scheduling contract groups (minimum 6) for dogsledding next winter if you would like to reserve a date.


I am still looking for a summer handler too.


Here’s to photosynthesis and precipitation,  hope you have a great summer.







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  1. Kathleen Kimball-Baker
    May 7, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    5:10 pm Monday May 7, 2012
    Sign me up for Iditarod!!!!
    SO excited!!!!

  2. Renee and the fur-kids
    May 7, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Always brings a smile to my face when I read this news!

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