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June 4 – Full moon of… oh, nature

As always,  mother nature rules….   of course we love that and it helps you practice flexibility.  You may plan to do something and then the weather and conditions decide if you can.  It felt like a good thing this past month with all the very cool mornings and being able to go out on the 4 wheeler with the dogs.  They are all doing very well and from how they howl to be picked to go, they don’t seem to mind if it is with the sled or wheeler.  But it was dry and we were worried about fires, until a couple weeks ago when it started raining.  And raining.  So you are glad about the  fire danger but watch the gardens growing puddles, thinking you won’t be planting for awhile.   Sherry said she got 9 inches, Lynn’s gauge had 8, mine had cracked with the ice but I counted inches in the dog dishes and had guessed at least 7; this is in a week and a half.  So thankfully I hadn’t put out any of the beautiful little seedling that David had started as last week we had three mornings in the upper 20’s.  That’s almost a half inch of ice on the dog water!  Had some great dog runs those mornings and I was up to 8 dogs as Kelly, the new handler started a week ago.   The last five days it has been sunny, warm and we are planting every day.  Today is the large greenhouse and David is bringing over 70 tomato plants and I’ve heard from several friends that to plant on the full moon is a good thing.


New handler Kelly is from the Twin City area, in fact graduated from the same high school in Lakeville that I did.  She has lived mostly in Los Angles for the past ten years, with an acting interest and going to school for a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  She has done some kayaking, loves the dogs and is interested in learning about gardening and sustainability.  And in an amazing welcome to the Northwoods, on her 3rd day here she was walking alone on the driveway and a wolf was crossing the road, stopped and looked at her, and moved on.  On her 6th day here she walked up to close up the chickens and a mother bear and cub crossed the road.  She was thrilled and felt it was a confirmation that this is where she was supposed to be.  She also read the Animal Medicine for both.  About wolf being a teacher, she related that she has always felt to be a student and is wanting to learn more about being a teacher.   I’ll have her write some next time.


And spring brings out the bears.  The bear has come several times to dine at the bird feeder area.  I think we are very comfortable with each other, she or he gets a little left over seeds and bread and does not go after dogs or dog food.


And in the animal vein,  we have 24 seven week old laying chicks started by Rebecca, thankfully.  They are growing fast and look so cute, especially when they try to eat apples and sweet corn.  And they love grass.


We will start kayaking adventures in a couple weeks and there are still lots of dates with openings.  If you think you, or maybe you know someone, would like to have a refreshing break from the city,  enjoy the serenity of being on the water, connect with other interesting women, enjoy great food, check out the Trips: Kayaking page.


I’ve gotten this fun image of my dog yard as a circus lately.  When I am out with them, I can turn in any direction and see a fun act.  There are the crop circle creators:  Sulu, Michael and Foxy.  It is amazing how fast they can run and create interesting geometics,  there are the kong hoggers:  Trondheim, Urho, Bear and sweet Chloe.  The kong is suppose to be for Chloe so she doesn’t eat rocks but it bounces into the others spaces and they jump, chase and chew with delight.  Then there’s Emma T., who 24-7 attacks her dishes, jumps on them with both front feet, carries them around in her mouth and pushes them with her nose.  Mayatuk and Bear have a good act of both jumping up on the top of Bear’s house;  they are really good buds.   Uno-tuk’s act is a little subtle,  he either crosses his front paws or lies with one front leg over his head and ears.  Louisa is a board eater, she will only eat her food from a large board placed on the ground.  It took me awhile to figure that one out.  Gabby has the perfect bow and you can’t walk by her without going over and giving her some petting.  So far, Lydia, who has been here for 2 months now has only come up with bark talking.   And I heard them say that I had a really good act too:  I take this little rake and see if I can get all the poops into a shovel.


Former handler Kate was married in May to Matt Olson.  He has taken some of the pictures for our web site and sponsor mugs.  A great photographer, in fact, his picture of Ely Sarah’s dock is in National Geographic Traveler this month.  They had a fun reception dance that I got to go to.  Alisa is back up at Outward Bound in Ely for the summer. Kathryn is back in Ithaca, New York and has graduated with her degree in Outdoor Recreation.  2001 winter handler  Robyn and her husband Will just had a baby girl, Sophia.  They are living in Colorado.


Next month, stories from  North Carolina Vivian, from her experiences at the Iditarod.


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  1. Binner
    June 4, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Happy Full Moon Kathleen! Big hug to you and David and scratches to the pups! Special hug to Gabby Girl! 🙂

  2. Julie
    June 7, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    Always love it when the full moon comes around…..because I know I will get to learn what is going on with the dogs, the other wildlife (wolves and bears and birds), the garden, the weather, and you! Thanks for painting the visuals so that I can have a moment of serenity in my city life far, far away.

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