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August 31 “blue” full moon of great bounty

The long winding creek felt inviting around every bend,  would there be an otter or turtle, or more of the reflections of boreal forest in the pristine waters. The rhythm  of our paddles flashing in the sunlight, the colorful kayaks, the smiling women, it all felt good.  Finally we got to the lake with it’s beautiful expanses of green wild rice, shifting white clouds overhead and a windless quiet enveloping us.  After a few minutes of questions and exclamations, without any suggestion, we one by one fell into silence.


Sitting my sweet kayak, I felt a connection with the devine, with a sprinkling of magical.  Later that day I read a quote of Frank Lloyd Wright “I believe in God, only I spell it nature.”


Kayaking has been wonderful this summer and there are still openings for September 7-9 and 21-23.  Should be nice fall colors; some of the maples have already started to turn.  And thanks to Martha for taking some pictures of the creek paddle.  We now have a new picture on the web site.  And thanks to Matt and Kate  for helping us put it there.


And in October we will be having a trails week end the  13th-14th .   I have started flagging a short trail that can be used for elder teams and skijoring.  It will be off the Dogwood and only a short distance of new construction.  Also we are still working on the Erratic (as in glacial boulder) Homestead (as in Tuominen on the new land) Trail.   Everyone is invited and I provide the food, sauna,….we usually play with the dogs too.   Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested.


It’s the blue moon, when there’s a second full moon in the same month.  It was first coined in a Farmer’s Almanac in 1937 and happens every two to three years.  Two other moony things:  our word for month comes from the word moon and in Finnish, kuu means month and moon.  (Remember my sweet big ol’ white dog Kuu?)


Although it’s hot again now, we did have a brief, normal, cooler period and the dogs did so much better.  More energy and they ate better.  We are still in the “walks” time and haven’t uncovered the 4 wheeler yet.  It is that time of year though that we are hoping for much cooler weather for the dogs but not too cool for the gardens.  Foxy was funny the other morning; his snap broke and he was disconnected from his chain.  I almost didn’t notice because he was still running circles in his space.  Good thing dogs can be creatures of habit.  He is a very active boy and wears out a brass snap about every two months.   Trondheim has been showing how smart he is, and probably that he does have border collie in him,  retrieving the kong when I throw it.  He loves the game and guards his kong constantly.  I have tried throwing balls,… for huskies and they usually look at it and look at you and then go do something else.  Patio girl Tahti is doing so very well this summer now that she can’t eat rocks.  Everyone else is good.


The gardens are a delight now:  great corn, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, beans and a banner year for zucchini.  We will be having zucchini bread a lot this winter.  The garlic is hanging drying for winter pesto.   A guest had mentioned lasagna gardening to me and when I saw the book at the thrift store, for $1. I thought I’d look it over.  Also the cover said ” No digging, no tilling, no weeding, no kidding”.  It is all about a layering system and I am going to give it a try.


Our new little chickens are only 4 months old and have started laying eggs already.  Usually it is 5-6 months but we have been getting the cutest little brown eggs.  There are 23 hens so we should really be in eggs.


This fall,  Wintermoon Summersun Lodge will be available for rent if you have a group, family get-together, book club, hiking friends,….. that would like to stay and  have wonderful home cooked meals.  There’s lots to do in the area, hiking, canoeing, …. and it is also a good location as a base for exploring the North Shore, Ely, Boundary Waters,…   Contact me for pricing and availability.


Even though fall hasn’t even arrived and I love fall and have a lot of fall things to do,  I can’t stop dreaming about winter and dogsledding.  I guess it has something to do with that passion thing.   And it is really a milestone: 25 years of teaching mushing with my beautiful huskies.  If you would like to join us this winter, I am now scheduling trips.  There are still some dates available if you have a group of 6-8 and individual sign ups are welcome now too.  I visualize lots of wonderful white snow this winter.


And Kissa says hi, he is sitting on my lap helping me.



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