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September 30 Full Moon of ice on the dog bowls

Lots of frosts and cool temps in the mornings…. perfect for running the dogs.  We have started training with the four wheeler now and the dogs are doing great.  I had a little trouble though with the big rubber block I carry along to put in front of the tire if I have to get off.  I guess I’m out of practice and I didn’t get the rope pulled up well enough and darn if it didn’t get tangled around the wheel and pulled the block up under the wheeler, jammed the tire and we couldn’t move.  Hmmmm….  good thing I did have extra ropes so I could take Odin, Kapu, Michael and Jude and tie them to trees.  I left Balto and Sedona on the gangline and I found a rock and blocked the tire.   After untying and untangling I did get the block out and put it and the dogs back and continued our run.    I was lucky and the dogs were good.  Then there was the first run of the fall… got a fat lip from Skipper.


Our last kayak trip was last week end and the fall colors were wonderful.  Both Salo and Cadotte Lakes had brilliant maples and colorful birches.  We paddled in the cold and rain on Saturday and the willing women were such a good reminder of making the most out of situations when you may not be getting what you want.  We were rewarded with sun and calm and seeing three buck deer drinking at the water’s edge on Sunday.  It was a great kayaking season and so fun to have many adventurers  join us – thanks to all of you.


An invitation is extended to join us for a trails week end October 13-14.  I have been scouting a new section of trail off from the Dogwood that will make a short loop perfect for the elders and skijoring.  I provide the Bunk-her, meals, sauna, dogs, garlic,  and we usually work 4-5 hours Saturday and a couple hours Sunday morning.   I have been trying to think of a name for the trail and first thought about Raven, as she was my most recent elder cabin dog.  Then after I flagged it and saw all the maples, I was thinking Sugarbush.  It will be perfect for doing maple syruping also.  However yesterday as I was working on it, two ravens were sitting in a huge spruce and flew off.  Whatever we decide, it will be a beautiful trail.


And our thoughts are turning to winter and mushing…..   and I am so very excited that this will be year 25!   I am having fun planning things….  all the dogs will get new collars and all the guests will get neck gaiters.   I am planning to have Chapter 2 of “the book” done and would like to ask for help from those of you who have been dogsledding with us.  Karen mentioned last week “you never forget your first sled dog run”  and that is what I’ll be sharing in this next chapter.  I would also like to include your story.  If it is something that you remember, would you be willing to share it with me?  Just email or call.   Here’s Manya’s story:

I clearly remember my first dogsled ride – and my second, too!  My first visit to Wintermoon, in 1996, was a huge step ‘out of the box’ for me – the first adventure I ever took alone and into a climate/season (WINTER in capital letters!) that I had up until then had a totally negative attitude about.  In fact, I hated winter, hated snow, hated the cold. All of that aside, and for reasons that would just take too long to explain, I committed to a trip to Minnesota in March (my friends all thought I had lost my mind!).  Thankfully, I prepared pretty well and found, much to my surprise, that with the correct clothing and footwear, one could actually be relatively comfortable outside at 15˚f.  After meeting the dogs – I was smitten! – and the requisite instruction, it was my turn to be taken for a ride.  The noise from the dogs was unbelievable, and the dog yard appeared to be in total chaos as I took my position, kneeling in the sled and hanging on for dear life!  And then magic happened……..as we pulled out of the yard and down the driveway the dogs became quiet and we were flying and tears rolled down my cheeks as I wept for the sheer beauty of the dogs and their desire and enthusiasm to run, for the snow and the gorgeous landscape that we were slipping through, and, I admit it, for myself, because I had faced my fears and the reward was absolutely breathtaking!!!

My second dogsled ride was somewhat less enchanting, for as we left the yard, with me as passenger once again, my driver slipped off the sled, unbeknownst to me, and we went careening wildly down the drive and pretty much crashed into the lead sled, much to Kathleen’s dismay!!!

Just for the record, Wintermoon changed my life……and so much for the better!!!


And for those of you who have never been to Wintermoon, we are offering a free sled dog trip this winter.  Send your name, address, email and phone to be entered in a drawing to be held on Winter Solstice.  I would appreciate if you would tell your friends who haven’t been mushing yet to join in our drawing; it’s open to all women over 18.  A page with all the details will be up on the web site soon.


Odin has recovered very well from his shoulder tumor growth surgery.  His fur is growing back and he is back running in the teams. And I am very sad to say we lost a very sweet Wintermoon husky this past month, ms. Gabby girl.  She was a matriarch of the kennel, mother to Uno-tuk, Kapu, Libby, grandmother to Trondheim, Lemmikki, Qimmiq, Tillie and great grandmother to Bear, Oh-too and Babiche.  Her good nature, affectionate and gentle ways, ability to lead and desire to please will be greatly missed.  She loved a loose walk and you always had fun with her.


Many thanks to KKB, Lin and Anna who volunteered recently for their help with the dogs, gardens, kayaking and flagging the new trail.


The gardens are just about all in.  Luckily the boxes of tomatoes we have picked will slowly ripen and become more sauce and sun drieds.   We are preparing the soil for garlic planting in a couple weeks.


Usually when my dogs talk to me they say “hey lady” (sweetly) so it was interesting to read A Dog’s Life where Boy, the dog, calls them “the management”.  It’s  by Peter Mayle and as the Cleveland Plain Dealer says “wickedly funny”.

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