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December Full Moon of “SLED” dogs

It is always so wonderful to be able to switch to running the huskies with dogsleds.   And if you believe, like I do, that sled dogs can smile, then I don’t know if it was the sun or the huskies that were lighting up the dog yard.  After months of training with the 4 wheeler, which we all appreciate, it feels so good to stand on the runners, lean into the turns, bounce through the hummocks and feel the peace of running on the soft and smooth frozen creek.


And the dogs have been impressive.  They seem strong and doing very well with their commands.  I have been especially impressed with 2 year old Sami ( Eleanor and Clark) who has been running lead with my fastest, Trondheim, and takes the gee and haw commands like a pro.  3 year old Tahti and Mayatuk  (Wanda and Clark) have been running in lead also and are doing very well.  All my main leaders, Lemmikki, Bear, Wanda, Trondheim, Uno-tuk, Odin, Malcom, Val and Balto have been doing great.


We have been having some wonderful home school families coming since Christmas and what fun for the kids and my dogs.  Lots of hugs and petting.  And Michael, who is in the cabin recovering from  kidney inflammation, has really scored.  He has been soaking up the wood stove and lots of attention.   He is on the mend and will be running with the teams soon.


We are just finishing up on the trail work, getting our wonderful, quiet trails in shape for mushing, skiing and snowshoeing.   It has been very nice to have the help of another handler, Bobbi.  She also works at an environmental learning center but has some time this winter she will be here too.  Besides Barbara and Bobbi, many thanks to Mietek, Rebecca, Melanie and David for great help with trail duty.  We get so many compliments on our trails as they are wonderfully groomed and beautifully scenic.


And the winner is:  Mel Scholl of Plymouth, Minnesota for the free dogsled trip in celebration of our 25th Anniversary of Wintermoon.  We look forward to mushing with her in March.


And this summer will be my 20th Anniversary of teaching Summersun kayaking and I am planning on a drawing for a kayak trip.  Watch the web site for details.


I am also planning a Heart in the Earth for this summer.  It would be great to hear any suggestions about this gathering which brings together many different speakers and activities.


And there are still some sled dog trip openings; you can still have a winter adventure!  And we have snow!

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