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January Full Moon of Hike, hike, hike…!


It has been nice to have some wintery snowfalls and the trails are looking good.  Still a little nipping to do here and there and a couple rocks that just keep growing; we are finding straw on top is working well.


It was a delight to have many families with home school children come up for mushing around the Holidays.  Thanks to Chris for her help.  And to get letters with:

“I loved learning and taking care of your dogs.  Sledding was excepptionally amazing though.   The thrill of zooming down the trail made my heart thump loudly and ears pop.”  age 10

“I had more fun than I expected because I was involved.  Like people, each dog is unique and each dog is a very special gift.”  age 8


We have also had guests from Colorado, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois and Duluth!  It has been very fun to share our snow and the dogs.


And the star of the month is Foxy!  He has gone on a couple short sled runs and while he is still quite anxious getting hooked to the gangline, once we have gotten going, he has been pulling well.  The 4 two and three year olds: TUMS:  Tahti, Urho, Mayatuk and Sami, while a handful to harness (particularly Tahti),  have all been running in lead, very responsive, fast and doing very well.  We have some youngsters that really like to go and gave me an adrenaline moment as a passenger when the driver fell off.  Trondheim, Tahti, Skipper and Sami had just taken a nice break and we were bouncing through the muskeg.  I have to admit, it took me awhile to get that snowhook planted and the team stopped and I saw a few trees from angles I usually don’t.   All is well though.  The dogs are really doing well this season and the runs have been great.  We did lose two elders who, while adopted from Claire and Chris, were deeply part of the Wintermoon kennel and loved by all.  Louisa had a gentle spirit and was always ready to go.  Her black silky fur and distinctive markings made her a beauty.  Chloe was a wonderful lead dog and always aware of what was happening and ready to give kisses.  She really loved her kong.


We have two new cabin dogs:  Eleanor and Wing.  At first they weren’t sure about sharing the space but this morning I saw Wing licking Eleanor’s ear and no growling.  With the colder weather, they are really enjoying the comforts of the wood stove.  David and Craig made a pen right outside the back door as I would be worried that these girls might wander away.


We have had a special chickadee at the feeder, a boreal.  I had not seen one for several years.  It has a brown head and a rust body but otherwise looks much like it’s relative the black-capped.  It seems a little more shy than the others but really likes to eat on the dog meat.


Our other birds: the laying hens have really been laying well and we have been enjoying a bounty of fresh eggs.  It has been fun to serve our home grown potatoes, squash, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, peppers,…. and all.  And dream of next summer.


And speaking of…. I am scheduling kayak trips, particularly if you have a group of 6-9 and would like to reserve a particular week end.  The available dates are on the web site under Kayak Trips.

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  1. Kathleen Kimball-Baker
    January 31, 2013 at 7:21 am #

    Oh, wow, so sorry to hear about Louisa and Chloe. Louisa reminded me so much of a dog I had for 15 years. Louisa was so loving and gentle and sleek and beautiful. And Chloe, well, what a brindle beauty and fantastic sled dog. I’m sorry for your losses, Kathleen. It’s good to hear that Fox is really taken to his job. He’s a beautiful boy in so many ways!

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