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February Full Moon of Fun Runs

As the moon set in the early dawn today, it shone so brightly over the Bunk-her where nine high school girls were sleeping…. perhaps dreaming  of their first sled dog ride the day before.  There are also two boys, staying with Mr. Johnson at Petrell Hall and all eleven went mushing and loved it.  “Quieter than I thought”, ” the dogs are so strong”,  “I liked watching their ears and the different gaits”, “they are so friendly”, ” they really love it” were their thoughts about the runs.  They are here from the School of Environmental Studies to learn about circumpolar cultures and so in addition to mushing, they are building a quinzee.  We have snow and they energetically piled it, will begin digging it out today and hope to be using it by tonight.  Featured guest speaker again this year is Noel from Tuktoyaktuk, the Canadian Artic village where my first sled dog Cayenne was from.  I have mentioned before but it thrills me so that Noel’s grandfather also had sled dogs in Tuktoyaktuk.


In the east this early morning was an amazing red sky sunrise and flying overhead was DJ on her way to Anchorage via Seattle.  Manya leaves tomorrow and I leave on Thursday to participate in the Start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  Andrea, Renee, Laura, Julie and Dawn will join us and we will attend the musher’s banquet, help teams and urine testing of teams at the start and restart, visit Dee Dee Jonrowe’s kennel, meet Aily Zirkle and some will fly to Rainy Pass.  I will send pictures on facebook.


I love mushing and I have been loving mushing this past month.  We have had above normal snowfalls for February, the trails are open and good, and we have had amazing, adventurous women here at Wintermoon.  And the dogs are all doing great.  My four youngsters: Sami, Urho, Tahti and Mayatuk have all been running in lead and doing very well.   We have some visitor dogs from Craig, Claire and Chris and Karen’s kennels, eleven new dogs in all and they are fitting in well.  I do believe they are enjoying all the attention  and Faramir gets the award for giving the most and best kisses.  It is also fun to have Trondheim and Lemmikki’s brother and sister, Qimiq and Tillie and their mother Libby and father Jax here for a family reunion.


Would anyone be interested in learning about maple syruping?   I will be offering a week end:  March 29-31 to come to Wintermoon and tap maples, possibly using sled dogs to haul sap,…..  contact me if you are interested.


We are scheduling kayak trips and there are some dates if you have a group of  6-9.   It will be my 20th anniversary of teaching kayaking and we will be having a drawing for a free kayak trip for someone who has not been to Summersun yet.  I will also be doing a special Heart in the Earth July 12-14.  Besides our kayaking and activities, we will feature many healing arts.  More info for kayaking on that web page and info soon on Heart in the Earth.

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  1. Vivian
    February 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    It is always great to read the full moon news. This month, I know many Wintermoon ladies are excited about the Iditarod trip and those not attending are excited to live vicariously through them with their posts on facebook or email. Have a great trip to all! And it is wonderful to read about the young people in MN learning about dog sledding. As a dog handler for the Yukon Quest 300 and novice dog driver fresh from the Yukon Territories and Alaska, enjoy all you can! Vivian

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