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April Full Moon of Never Ending Winter !!!

An amazing new weather record has been set in Northeastern Minnesota:  the snowiest month ever is APRIL 2013 with over 51 inches!  It beats the Halloween storm in ’91, it beats all Januarys and Marchs.  And I wonder, why wasn’t this April in January?   I would have loved to have shared it with all the Wintermoon mushers but I am thinking of you on the trails every morning, up to and including today.  My special run this morning was with Malcom, 12 years old and Ida, 13 years old and they both really wanted to go; we went about a mile.   This is the latest I have ever  mushed on my trails and I have been able to go out with several teams everyday.  So far this winter we had received 120 inches, which is the third highest winter.


One morning I took a team on the Inuit trail and then came back,  hooked up another team right away and did the Inuit again.  Between the two runs, a wolf had walked on the trail in the fresh snow down by Beaver Creek.  It went off towards the Grouse trail and unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.  I have heard the wolves howling three times in the last couple weeks, usually to the east and not too far away.  They are probably just having their pups now so I am imagining that’s where the den is this year.  Many times on my first run of the morning I have seen fresh wolf tracks too.


One morning I was hooking up a four dog team and just as I was putting the first wheel dog on, the post that the sled is tied to, broke at the base.  Luckily is was kind of stuck in the snow but I knew it probably wouldn’t last.  Gave that wheel dog both neck and tug lines, ran for the sled and took out a three dog team.   Was so thankful for that timing as I could have been behind the sled getting the fourth dog, watching the team and a post go down the trail.   I actually had just been thinking that this was the summer to replace all of those posts.


Many of you know Foxy…. adorable, sweet and mr. whirling dervish at hook up.  We have worked with him for two years and while he has gotten quite a bit better,  we always needed at least a couple people to help with the hook up.  Lately we have been doing it with one  extra person, either Bobbi or David would help.  However this week, he needed to go and I was here on my own so I thought I would try it.  Two good lead dogs and I would run him alone at wheel, so as soon as I put him on I could run for the sled and take off.  He has had a habit of pulling out of his collar, harness, getting tangled….. and you don’t want it to go badly for him.  With Sulu and Tahti staying tight in lead,  I walked my calmest walk with him, slowly hooked him in and he did it!  Still jumped around some but was not tangled so we got off great.  He is to the point that once he is running, he does pretty well and even when we take a break he is calmer.   Thanks to everyone for all the great help this winter  helping with the Foxy transformation, especially handler Barbara who really worked with him and perfected her roll out of the way as we took off.


Three weeks ago Kesha had six puppies.  I put a dog house up by the garden, away from the other dogs and I was actually out feeding and petting her, when out came the first puppy.  I was quite surprised as she had not seemed to be in labor and it seems a lot of the time, puppies are born at night.  It was a cute slimy black puppy and she started licking immediately.  She has not had pups before so it is always good to see the instinct kick in.  In short order, she had 5 more and they are all healthy and she is being the best mom.  They opened their eyes about a week ago and are starting to walk around in their house.  I just started feeding them some mush yesterday and they took right to it.  There are 4 boys and 2 girls.  Interestingly the white boy has the exact distinct markings of Tahti, brown on the ears and very light brown highlights.  Tahti is going to have fun as she LOVES puppies.  When Sami was a puppy, (our last litter and Sami is 3) she would spend endless hours playing with her.


And HAPPY EARTH DAY again.  I am thinking that this is the most important Holiday in my life now.  Birthdays are nice, (and Happy Birthday today to Nicole), so is Thanksgiving, and Easter, and 4th of July, but……  without the Earth none of the Holidays would really matter.  So one of my new filters is celebrating Earth Day every day.  There are so many wonderful heroes out there for inspiration.  May I recommend as one of my all time favorite books, a non-fiction by Barbara Kingsolver: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  And a recent read:  Joel Salatin: Folk’s This Ain’t Normal.  One of my goals for this spring is to build a solar oven.


And David is my hero too.  He has started all of our beautiful garden seeds.  He just shared that he has re-potted 120 tomato plants and 50 pepper plants.  But he  said “we’re not going to do more than 200 tomatoes.”


And also Barbara and Bobbi who assisted this winter.  I so appreciate their help and we could not have done it without them.  They both were especially caring for the huskies, eager to learn and experience new things, good driving the sled and helping guests and shared the vision for women experiencing the outdoors.  Barbara is back in Seattle where she will be working for Washington Trails Association and Bobbi is in Britt at the Laurentian Environmental Learning Center.  Many, many thanks.


This summer is Summersun’s 20th anniversary!  Wow!  It is wonderful to think about all the women who have experienced the freedom, peace, connection to nature and strength of body, kayaking.   Besides offering many kayaking week ends this summer, we are also planning several special events:


JULY 12-14  HEART IN THE EARTH    This gathering of women is about honoring our connection to nature with activities, speakers, workshops, circle, cook outs, campfires,…..   We’ll be active with hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and listen to women who have amazing experiences with nature:  Karen Noyce, DNR, who has been studying bears in northern Minnesota and has found the oldest recorded bear,  Renee, Laura and Dawn who worked with the pee team and mushers at the Start of the Iditarod, Pam Thompson, an herbalist who uses our local herbs for medicinal healing and women who practice healing arts: Dotty Bacon, acu-pressure and Binner Rahn, juicing and more ….


AUGUST 21-24   DOROTHY MOLTER ADVENTURE INTO KNIFE LAKE   The Dorothy Molter Museum is also celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and Director Sarah Levar and I will co-guide a trip of BWCAW kayaking, canoeing and camping to visit Isle of Pines.  Experience the place, the story and the spirit of Dorothy, a legend of an outdoorswoman.  Sarah is the co-author of the recent book Dorothy Molter  The Root Beer Lady and knows an incredible amount about Dorothy’s life.  We will also visit the Museum in Ely.


And speaking of women and the outdoors,  I am looking for an ASSISTANT for this summer.  A mature, fit, fun woman who loves dogs, and would like to do kayaking, organic gardening and general homestead stuff and be eco-friendly.  No experience necessary; please spread the word.


My computer sits on my dining room table facing that great outdoors…..   the pair of boreal chickadees is still here and I have heard that it is possible that they could stay.   One late day, a movement caught my eye under the bird feeder and there was a lynx.  When it saw me it slowly walked about 60 feet away to a tree and sat down there for a half hour.  One morning there were fresh fox tracks under the feeder.


If anyone is interested in our cooperative cabins, please let me know.


And I have 2 pairs of mittens left from most likely March:  red and black knitted and greenish/tan knitted.  I would be glad to send them to you.




It would be wonderful to have you come and join in the 20th year celebration this summer!





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  1. Jenny
    May 6, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    WOW! WOW WOW WOW! 51 inches of snow in April. We had such a lovely time visiting in March. Thank you, Kathleen! Thank you, doggies!

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