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Super Full Moon of Planting Gardens

I wouldn’t say it has been an ideal planting spring, kind of the yang of last year’s early warm wonderful yin, as in late, cold and wet.  And there was quite a fallout from our cold and snowless start to winter and longest, snowiest winter:  the garlic did not make it.  I am still quite in shock that I am looking at maybe 40 garlic plants instead of the over 200 I planted.   I think this is the latest I have still been planting and I still have a little to go.  We had a set back on June 17 with ice on the buckets in the am and lost a  lot of squash, some basil and potatoes.  I had some extra to replant so we will hope they will have long enough to grow.  It is such a wonderful experience though to put little seeds in the ground and the little plants that David starts indoors and see them turn into edible miracles.  We have just finished a new greenhouse, as one of ours collapsed in the heavy snows, and planted it in tomatoes and peppers.  I think we are at about 150 tomatoes and 100 peppers.  Most things are up and doing well now.


And then there’s puppies to play with.  We are making an effort to single each puppy out, get them to know their name and respond to people and affection.  Their mother, not raised by me, is quite shy and I would like these pups to be outgoing, confident and like people.  As a group they are quite overwhelming now as they bite, chew, jump, pull clothes and act like sled dog puppies.  Somehow an empty dog food bag got in their pen and by the time I saw it, they had chewed it into 177 little pieces.  Maybe it was obsessive of me to count them as I picked them up, but I didn’t have anything else to do.   When you get just one in your lap, they are much better and seem to like affection.   I take them all on loose walks every day and they can really run.  It is fun to see their personalities emerge:  at this point the leaders  are Sitka and Nikolai, the lovers are Toklat and Nome and the independent and kind of loners are Koyuk and Willow.  They are done nursing but still with mom Kesha in the pen.  I tried taking her out as she seemed irritated with them jumping and biting on her all the time, but she didn’t like being away from them either.  We also do one on one walks so they connect with humans more.  Thanks to Sarah and Andy for coming to help play/walk with the puppies.


And helping with all of this the last two weeks is new handler Alicia Hachfeld from the Twin Cities and also volunteer Danielle.  Both have really adapted to the country and sustainable life-style and have been a huge help.  Alicia has passed creative handler 101 when while I was gone kayaking, the puppies escaped from their pen and she fixed it with a chair, cement block, board and stove pipe.   Many thanks to  Danielle for her hard work and she hopes to be back up for July’s Heart in the Earth and share some of her yoga skills.


There are still openings for July 12-14 Heart in the Earth, a gathering with lots of outdoor, nature and healing activities and also some of the kayaking week ends.  See Trips: Kayaking for the dates.  We really had a great first kayak week end.  It is so fun to be on the water, seeing and hearing loons, watching osprey dive for fish and feeling immersed in the peace of nature.  The women who were here are interested in a one day kayak paddle on Lake Superior this summer and if any of you who have taken the beginner course would also be interested, please let me know.


The dogs are doing well and enjoying the morning walk/runs.  It is something Alicia really likes doing too.  She has even taken on harnessing Tahti already, which for those of you who know the whirling dervish, know that is can  be quite a challenge.  I have been doing a few loose walks as we have not seen the wolves lately.


Living as remote as we do, we usually have to travel to experience art and cultural activities, so it was quite a pleasure to have a Claudia Schmidt concert at Petrell Hall on Saturday.  The Hall was so alive and full of energy with her amazing voice, guitar and dulcimer and the joy and laughter of her stories.  Besides her songs and poems/stories of chocolate, gardens, food, relationships,…. a highlight on the super moon was the song Banana Moon.  What a delight.


And thinking about our wonderful forest retreat, there is some land adjacent to ours that we are interested in investing in.  If anyone would be interested in joining with us, there are lots of different possibilities for involvement.  Call or email for more details.

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