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July Full Moon of dragonflies and fireflies

It’s garden growing warm summer and during the day the sky is full of delicate dragonflies and at night it is lit up with flickering fireflies.  The natural world is so beautiful.  There is also so much beauty in watching vegetables grow, such a miracle.  Plant the tiniest of seeds, add water and sun and from the ground full of added animal poop, comes the most delicious and nutritious of foods.  The garden got off to a slow start as it really took the snow a long time to melt and ground to warm up but we have been having warm temps now and it is doing well.


The puppies, at 3 1/2 months have done a huge growth spurt and look like little dogs.  Their main goal lately is to find ways to escape the pen and they are very good at it.  We went to chain link, 4 foot high but there are a few places by their house where they climb up the fence.  It has been quite a challenge to keep them in and the only consolation is seeing how smart they are in figuring out some new way to get out.   They love running and we take them on loose walks on the trails.  They are pretty good at coming when called but there is something of a pack mentality.  For the last couple days, I have taken turns putting two out on chains by mom Kesha and they are starting to get used to it.   I also bring them in the cabin quite a bit and am teaching them to get up on the couch.  I do have to say, the last two week ends with groups here, Nome was really a favorite.  Maybe because he is the white one and quite cute.  He almost got stolen to North Carolina.


We had an amazing Heart in the Earth with a great community of women who shared, played, learned and were so present in nature and healing, that I can still feel the vibrations.  I loved being transported through Renee, Dawn and Laura’s pictures and stories back to the start of the Iditarod, being mesmerized by Jennifer’s beautiful piano music, drinking Binner’s healthy juice, having Dotty’s and Danielle’s healing energy and trying a stand up paddleboard.  On an ironic note, one of the guest speakers was Karen Noyce, a bear researcher who shared fascinating info on her thirty years of observing bears, their migrations, (which I found very interesting), habits,….. and now since Heart in the Earth one week ago, two different bears have come four times to our yard.  And we haven’t done anything different.  One highlight was on Saturday morning while we were eating breakfast, it walked through the woods right out from the dining room window.

Many thanks to Kate, Danielle, Bobbi, Anita, Terese, Melanie, David and Alicia for all the support to be able to create Heart in the Earth.  And we didn’t serve Kate any donuts here, so it must be a baby bump.


Kayak trips are going very well.  We have seen loons, blue herons, osprey, eagles, kingfishers and lots of smaller birds.  If you would like to get out on the water, we do still have openings on some August and September week ends.  See the Kayaking Trips page for dates.


The “big” dogs are doing well, enjoying the women who walk them on the week end mornings and Alicia and me on the week days.    And Alicia is really loving the dogs too.  She is very good and caring with them.  We did lose one of our old timers, Sedona, this month.  Luckily she was doing pretty well up until the end.  She was one of the sweetest and gentlest of girls and was a good lead dog in her day.  She was always ready to say hello and receive a good pet.



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