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August Full Moon of summer sun kayaking

As we have kayaked in the brilliant summer sun, little patches of red maples are already appearing at the edge of the lake.  It is nice to be enjoying the delicious summer and anticipating the magnificence of fall.


We have two fall kayaking opportunities:  a one day paddle on Lake Superior at Split Rock on September 7 ( 10 – 4  for $50. )  and a week end here September 20-22 (Friday 5 pm to Sunday early afternoon for $200.)  with openings for both.  The week end should be at the height of fall color and we also plan to hike our new one mile sugarbush trail ( the facebook picture is from this trail).


And we would like to invite you to the Fall Trails week end :  October 25-27.  I provide the Bunk-her, food, tools, and in addition to 4-5 hours of trail work, we will play with puppies, walk dogs, sauna……


There is some land on our northern border for sale and if anyone is interested in investing, please let me know.


Nome-eo, sweet Willow, fast Sitka, cute Toklat, assertive Toklat and curious Koyuk are all doing well.  Four and one half months old and growing much too quickly, we have had to make the 4 foot high chain link fence even higher as they could get out.  They are all together loose in a larger pen and love their daily loose walks.  We have also started walking them in harness and they are really getting it.  One of my favorite things is to let them in the cabin after their walk; they fly around, jumping on couches, chasing each other and I can usually get one at a time to come and sit with me and get some special attention.  I was a little concerned with them being a pack and not getting their identity but they are doing well.


The big dogs are doing great too with lots of special time with handler Alicia.  She is really good with them and is loving taking them for walks.  We are hoping by the next full moon that we will be out some with the 4 wheeler.  We did have 30 degrees last week so it is coming.


The gardens could use a little more warm and sun though.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen and everything is behind.  The broccoli is great and everything else looks good if we get a little more season.  Still mourning the loss of the garlic crop though.


The vegetables are just getting big enough for some photo shoots….. ha……  cuz we are doing another “calendar girls” 2014 calendar for the vet fund.  Dawn started it out this winter with some great creative photos:  think Balto driving the truck and Dawn ….. well, where would Balto be….  then there were some Barbara and the kayak and snow, this summer Anca and the kayak and a puppy, Cara was just here and hopes to be in the garden,….. fun for the dogs.  They will go on sale this fall and let me know if you are interested.


About 2 weeks ago, it had just gotten light, I was still sleeping when the dogs started barking and making a racket that I knew needed attention.  So many things it could be, loose dog, deer in the yard, a tangle,…. and the most recent occurrence a bear.  As I cautiously went out and looked all around, I saw the dogs looking at the middle of the dog yard on the east side.  As I approached I could see it was where Fran was in the back row and as I got closer saw she was barking and looking at “junior” the bear.  Unbelievably he was eating her dog food out of her bowl that she had not finished.  Now this was a new one and since we have been having a problem with this bear, I had grabbed a gun.  So the bear backs off a little as I yell at it, but then goes back for the food, Fran charges at him seeming to want to protect her food.  We are all about 6 feet apart; new learning curve here on what to do here.  My yelling does not really deter him, finally Fran backs off and a shot over the head send him running.  He has made several more appearances and it was cool that it was to the delight of the 2 teenagers who were here for the mother/daughter kayaking.


And I have been quite saddened by the loss of my longest relationship: the Kissa.  My beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat who came 18 years ago and with his friendly and cuddly ways made many friends.  Especially with dogs…. he loved dogs and sometimes I think he thought he was one.  He shared the couch and dog beds with the best: Crooks, Coyote,  Aaigimak and Raven.  In his younger days he was the alpha in a cabin full of puppies, he loved going outside and walking all around and sleeping in the sun, he kept a good watch on the wood stove all winter and loved cantaloupe.  He was the best buddy and I wanted him to live forever.

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