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Happy September Full “Harvest” Moon

What a wonderful time of the year…. harvesting the gardens and eating such fresh vegetables.  We are freezing broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, dehydrating tomatoes and storing squash, garlic, potatoes, onions and as good as everything tastes now, it will be such a treasure during the winter snows.  We are still waiting on many tomatoes to ripen but the greenhouses have made it through 3 mornings in the upper 20’s so we’re hopeful.  David and Alicia have done so much from starting the seedlings, planting, watering and weeding and it couldn’t be done without them.  Alicia and I have also been out harvesting wild rice; it has been a good year and that is in the harvest picture also.  We still need to do the processing of  parching, thrashing and winnowing in the next week or so.


I am looking for a winter handler/ assistant hopefully to start in November or December and through March.  It is a live in, room, meals and small stipend to help with taking care of the huskies, assisting with the dogsledding adventures, some trail work.  If you like being outdoors and love friendly huskies, are fit in mind and body, enjoy being in the company of wonderful women, please send a resume to Kathleen at wintermoon@brimson.com.  If you know of anyone who might like to spend a winter living close to the land, having the excitement of mushing and quiet of the Northwoods, please share this info.  Thanks.


We also have been nipping away on the Raventrail aka. sugarbush, and have made it through the middle to connect it.  Last year during trails, we started from both ends and now we have the first narrow path all the way through.  We will be finishing this trail during Trails Week-ends October 25-17 and November 8-10.  Everyone is invited to join in:  I provide the Bunk-her, meals, sauna, huskies to play with, and we usually work 4-5 hours on Saturday and 2-3 on Sunday morning.   We have the most amazing trails and value the volunteers who come and help build and maintain them.   No experience is needed and it is fun to be out in the quiet and beauty of the Northwoods.

And the puppies….  hardly look like it anymore.  At 5 1/2 months old, they are as big as the smaller dogs.  Nome I do think is a hair bigger than his buddy Tahti already.  The mannerisms are still puppy, as in chewing everything including us, rolling around playing and barking at new unknown things.  This morning it was Nikolai barking at a raven who was in Mayatuk’s space checking out some food she didn’t eat.   We switch them back and forth from being in the pen to being out in the dog yard and walking them in harness and letting them run loose.  Nikolai and Sitka are doing the best in harness,  Willow is the most curious and runs off the most,  Nome and Koyuk come the best when called and Toklat is the most shy but also a lover.  They all really like the big dogs and run into all of their spaces but they do love Tahti the best and love to play with her.

The big dogs are doing well and we have just started with 4 wheeler training.  The main leaders, Trondheim, Lemmikki, Bear and Sami just took up where they left off last spring and look great.  Tahti would be in this list however she had to have surgery, again, for eating a rock.  It is a huge problem with her and why I build a patio block space for her, but another dog must have knocked a rock in and she ate it.  So she is just getting back into exercising and we are only walking her.  We have a new dog, Newton, that I am trying from Claire and Chris.  He looks just like Emma T., is one year old and has no experience so we will see.  We lost one of our dear elders, Cinder or Cinder rella if she was doing good or Cinder block is she wasn’t.  We loved her steady pulling with the team, her sweet looks and her wild and crazy early years.  She was 15 and was a good bud to all the dogs.

We, with Dawn’s support, direction and energy, are working on  a repeat of a very fun project:  a Wintermoon Summersun Calendar  “Girls” fundraiser for the vet fund.  As you can imagine, surgeries like Tahti’s are over $1,000.  We did a calendar a couple years ago and it was fun, creative and oh-so Northwoods women.   The 2014 will feature Balto driving the dog truck and who is in the dogbox?,  sauna time, kayaking in February, kayaking with a puppy, mooning with the flowers, …..   We will be taking orders in November and I should know the price soon.

We have one kayak trip left, a wonderful fall colors week end (still have openings).  It has been a great kayak season and many thanks to all who joined us.

Mushing will start in December and there are still a few week ends available if you have a group of 6-8 (and it can be women, men, kids) and would like to have the retreat center to yourselves.  The dates are on the Dogsledding page.

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  1. Vivian
    October 5, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    I think I saw a preview of some of the calendar pictures!!! This wil be fun! And sorry to hear about Cinder. Each of them that passes has a place in my heart. As for Tahti…her love of rocks has to end. Can’t wait to see all the Wintermoon dogs next winter!

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