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October Full Moon of a really nice fall

An old dog said to me once…  There is no way to happiness.  Happiness is the way.    I am reading A New Path to Emotional Well-Being by Andrew Weil, MD and he adds “my canine companions frequently remind me that spontaneous happiness is a real possibility, always available – by demonstrating it right in front of me.”


Oh I have been six times blessed with happiness.  Koyuk, Nikolai, Nome, Sitka, Toklat, Willow.  They also are such good reminders of important things in life like taking time to play, working hard, rest and relax, eat up, share, respect your elders, listen.


And I’d love to share this happiness; I am looking for a handler / assistant for the winter.  No experience is necessary but should be mature, fit, love dogs, outdoors and working with women.  Room/board/small stipend and lots of dog kisses, good fresh air and great physical activity.


I will be speaking and having a booth at the Midwest Mountaineering Fall Expo in Minneapolis November 22-24.  There are very informative and entertaining presentations and lots of booths with info, services, products relating to the outdoors.  I will be speaking on Saturday at 9:15 and Sunday at 11:45 on Women, Winter, Northwoods and Dogs – A Wonderful Combination.  See more info with lists of all the presenters and booths at www.OutdoorAdventureExpo.com.  Admission is free.


We have 2 trails week ends coming up and we couldn’t have our amazing trails without the help of wonderful volunteers.  Come up for a week end, get great fresh air, physical activity, good food, good company, sauna and time with the sled dogs.  October 25-27 is for women and November 8-10 is open to men also.


Dawn and I are busy putting the 2014 Outdoors Women calendar together.  It is a fund raiser for the vet fund.  If you have seen Calendar Girls, it is along those lines.   We have a great dog truck picture, kayaking, wild ricing, dog harnesses, snow angels, ….  very tastefully composed.  I am taking orders.


And the garden is about done however this is the nicest, warmest fall we have had in a long time and the greenhouses are still producing tomatoes.  There’s lots of green ones though.  After the garlic crop failure this year, I was able to plant 200 cloves this fall and hope to get back in production.  There is still some of the wonder crop kale and we have been using it for pesto and salads.


We are offering a new trip this winter March 6-9 for women who have been here before and would like to be involved with a fundraiser for breast cancer.  Mush for a Cure has been put on for a number of years up by Grand Marais and we will be doing an 8 mile fun run and raise money for cancer cures.  There are still 3 openings for this group.


Training and conditioning has started slowly because of the warm temps but the dogs are doing very well.  I have such a strong group of leaders: Lemmikki, Trondheim, Bear, Tahti, Sami, Sulu and Urho and that really helps.  The pups have started going for walks in harness but with no pressure and some days they pull better than others.  Some days there are just too many smells.  The pups are all out in the dog yard now (they were starting to chew the fence) and they can still interact and play along with their loose walks.  And I am trying some elders: Odin, Jude and Malcom in their pen.  They seem to like being able to walk all around and they have been playing musical houses, changing daily.

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