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November Full Moon of Trails, Snow & Chilly

As most are slowing down for winter and some even hibernating, the life of a sled dog goes into full gear.  The cool temps energize and make running so much more fun.  Slowly that second, inner coat is growing in.  The snow on the ground, cushions the ever bounding stride.  It is wonderful to start every day going into the dog yard,  feeling the enthusiasm of  huskies seeing harnesses.  Some do cute little dances, some just watch you like a hawk, some scream…. please pick me.  And then to be part of  this amazing physical dance of athleticism, desire, coordination and love.  They are truly an inspiration.


I am so impressed with all the wonderful help and accomplishments from all our trail volunteers.  We pretty much finished the new Raventrail (aka.sugarbush) and the bypass on the Dogwood.  The Raventrail makes a one mile loop inside the Dogwood and will be perfect for the elders, skijoring and offering options of increased mileage.  The bypass was necessary as a neighbor put a driveway on part of our trail.  Both are great new additions to our incredible trail system and I can’t wait to be with the team and sled on them.  Many thanks to Linda, Julie, Michele, Nils, Mietek, Roman, Gail, Al, David, Beth, Anca, Renee, Alicia, Brian, Taya, Dana, Taylor, Dale, Kathi, Kevin, Carla & Jeanie.  And to Beth for bringing the Castle Danger Ale growlers and all the other treats folks brought.  It was a very rewarding and fun three week ends.  And now Ben, originally from CA, is here part time to help with trails and husky chores.

I am still interviewing for a winter handler/assistant and would love to work with someone sharing the peace of the Northwoods, these beautiful huskies and the fun of the wonderful women who join us.  Please let anyone know who might be a good fit. Thanks.


Another highlight of last trails week end was with all of us, we got 39 dogs out running and with the 4 wheeler.  Were the huskies in heaven!   Training is going well (thanks to Craig for the loan of his 4 wheeler).  These 4-6 year old leaders I have: Trondheim, Lemmikki, Bear, Sami, Tahti and Urho are just so good.  They know their commands and will hold the line out tight at the start, during the  runs and back in the yard.  Foxy has gone out several times now with the 4 wheeler and is doing pretty well;  I think he will transition to the sled and be a valued part of the team.  He sure loves to run.


I will be at Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo Nov 22-24 in Minneapolis with a booth and speaking, 9:15 on Saturday and 11:45 on Sunday.  I have been so enjoying going through all of my pictures and ones women have given me to come up with:  Winter, Northwoods, Dogs & Women, A Wonderful Combination. This is a free event with over 75 exhibitors and 100 speakers.  Please stop by the booth and say hi.  We will also have the 2014 Outdoor and Husky Loving Women Calendar, a fundraiser for the vet fund.  It is howlingly fun with dogs driving trucks and who’s in the dog box, snow angels (and she said she has never been so cold in her life), wild ricing, kayaks and snow, kayaks and puppy, …..  So many thanks to Dawn and Marlae for doing this.  I can take orders through the mail too: $20. + $3. P/H.


And of course speaking of puppies, they are now black/greens, actually Nome could be a black/black as his body is so long.  They are learning to walk in harness and enjoy being part of the team.  Nikolai is the most focused and Toklat is the most timid, although it does change regularly.   They still get to run loose too and they are going to be very fast dogs with all those long legs.   When you look at them it is hard to believe they are only 7 months old.


I am offering one mushing trip this winter open to men and women: Jan 24-26.


With Thanksgiving coming up,  from Andrew Weil, MD : Remind yourself to feel grateful for all that you have and to learn to express gratitude frequently.  This is the easiest and best way to move your emotional set point toward greater happiness and positivity.


Many thanks to all who have joined us here at Wintermoon Summersun.  Your collective energy is a give and take of healing and light.

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