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Happy December Full Moon and Solstice

With our beautiful snow, 31 inches so far this season, winter is enveloping us.  The pine trees are picture perfect covered with glistening white, the snowshoe hares have little highways through the forest and there are tracks of a pack of wolves traveling on Petrell Creek.  The peace of the season fills the air as we wish you a happy solstice and start to winter.


And the huskies are reveling too….  sled runs now on wonderful trails.  The most exciting was to mush on the brand new Raventrail.  It is a shorter loop and perfect for starting the season.  Started last year on trails week end and finished during our cooperative cabin work week end this year, I am thankful to the many volunteers who nipped and swamped this sweet trail.  It will double as our sugarbush trail this late winter/early spring as there are many mature syruping maples along it.  A new section of the Dogwood was also completed yesterday and today is the first run on it.


The dogs are doing well although I have a number of females in heat, Lemmikki, Birdie, Willow and now Sami so it makes the pairing a little more challenging.  I’ve been moving the girls way to the end of the dog yard; we’ll wait until spring to see if we want to have another litter.  Foxy has gone on his first run of the season with the sled and did pretty well.  The eight month olds are looking like grown ups as far as size-  Nome and Nikolai are already black/black’s.  They are in the transition time between all loose play time and some harness walks.  It has worked really well to walk them with an experienced dog and neck line them together.  And when they pull, it is surprising how strong they are.  And adorable mr. Odin has become a cabin husky.  He has a dog pillow/bed that he loves and has been very good.  Balto is in also on a trial.  Focused, determined and sweet Jude joined the group in sled dog heaven this month.  There’s a great picture Matt Olson took of her in lead with Odin on our dogsledding page.


And on a very fun note, the 2014 Outdoor Women Calendar (as in the movie Calendar Girls) is for sale.  Many thanks to all the women who, along with the huskies, created some pretty funny, athletic, creative and brave scenarios.  There’s puppies, wild ricing, tomato harvesting, kayaking, harnessing, snow angels, sauna time and lots more smiles.  And super thanks to Dawn and Marlae for creating this work of art and all the work of putting it together.  These calendars are a fund raiser for the Husky Veterinarian Fund.  As many of you know our dogs are forever dogs and especially as they age, the vet bills usually increase.  Calendars are $20. and $3. P&H for 1 and $5. P&H for 2 or more.  Send check or money order to Kathleen Anderson 3388 Petrell Rd, Brimson, MN 55602.  Thanks for your support.


And from the calendar (It is January with Balto and Dawn) and our trip to the Start of the Iditarod, comes the thought “let go and let dog”.  It is amazing how adaptable and forgiving dogs are.  When I was down at the Midwest Mtn. Outdoor Expo in November, my friend Sarah showed me a Humane Society article written about her nephew and the rescued Pine River dogs.  There was a very touching picture of her nephew  hugging a yellow lab which his family had just adopted.   Here is a dog that had just been rescued from a neglectful puppy mill and was able to connect and love this child.


I am still interviewing for a handler/assistant so if you know of anyone interested in spending the winter, or part of it, in the Northwoods with sweet huskies and exciting mushing and women, please have them contact me.   Alicia, our summer handler has been up the past couple weeks helping and I don’t think I would have made it through December without her.  Many thanks!  Kate and Matt, winter handler from 07, are expecting their first child any day.  Diane Bedell, an assistant guide from the very early days, has just undergone a heart transplant.


The mushing should be incredible this winter and there are still some openings:  2 for Jan 10-12, 4 for Jan 24-26 open to men and women, 2 for March 14-16 and 2 for the mother/daughter March 21-23.  And we are doing a very special trip March 6-9 with Mush For A Cure in Grand Marais; this is open to women who have been on one of our trips already.  It is a fundraiser for breast cancer and we will participate in an 8 mile fun run.





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