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January ’14 Full Moon of Puppies

There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day to snuggle with a warm puppy.  And we have had both during this last month.   A record -42 over New Years and six adorable puppies joining us in the living room.  The puppies were a rescue situation and had been living indoors and with the cold temps, could not be put outside.  And for the New Years group we had the most hearty of new mushers from, believe it or not California, Utah and Canada.  They were so great and we all had some good mushing and conversation.  One of the more interesting details, besides conversations of physics, biology, Laos, mascot costuming,… was that they found out about us because of a graphic novel!   The next fun group were all relatives and friends of my January handler Jessica, from Tennessee, Colorado and Rochester and again braved the cold with smiles.  More good mushing.  And then as Minnesota does….. the next group got 30’s and some light freezing rain.  This group was from Minnesota and didn’t blink an eye, jumped on the sleds and did great.


So the six new puppies, three boys and three girls that needed a home.  They are six weeks old and doing great.  The mother, Kesha needed some TLC and seems to be doing better.  They are still inside but going for many walks outdoors.  Alicia, the wonderful puppy handler has been up helping with them and they are really thriving.  We still have the puppy pen from our April litter and they will be moving out there.


There are still some 2014 Outdoor Women Calendars available.  The donation of $20. goes to the vet fund ($3. P/H).   They will add a smile to your year as you flip the pages….. with the theme: women just want to have fun, with dogs, in the outdoors,….  and we do!


A new experience for us this year is participating in Mush for a Cure, March 8.  Wintermoon will have a number of teams in an eight mile run and it is a fundraiser for breast cancer.  I have been very touched by the many stories I have heard over the years of women’s survival and saddened by the ones of the women who have not.  I will be thinking of my dear friend Denise Danielski, a Peltos member and a frequent musher and kayaker here who has passed.  We would love if anyone would be willing to pledge towards this!   It could be any amount-  a $1 or $2 a mile, ….. any amount is appreciated and all goes to Mush for a Cure.   Checks can be made to Mush for a Cure and sent to us at 3388 Petrell Road, Brimson, MN  55602.  And there is still space to join us.   Many thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks to David and Alicia, the Inuit trail is now open.  There had been a number of trees fallen over the trail that he got with the chain saw and Alicia broke trail with snowshoes so he could groom it.  The Dogwood, Raventrail and Grouse are all wonderful with the great snow we have gotten.  Quiet, magical, exciting, other worldly (the hoarfrost this past week end was spectacular) have been descriptions lately.


The huskies are doing great.  Newton has just started pulling in the teams and is starting to catch on.  And this week, we are going to start trying the April litter in some of the slower teams.  We have been walking them in harness and they love to run so I am anxious to see how they like it.  We want to keep it fun for them at this age.  Foxy has been doing well and is almost normal at hook up and once we get going, seems to be getting it.  And Odin is loving being a cabin husky.  The puppies have come to visit him some and he has been very good with them.   And Trondheim and Lemmikki are running at 100% and I don’t think they have missed a command yet, so fun.


D J is coming tomorrow for a week of mushing and helping.  I am so excited for her to run Birdie; she bought her last March and this will be their first mushing together.  She is a great dog and I know they will love each other.  Birdie will be staying through the winter and DJ will come back again in February.

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