Full Moon News

February Full Moon News

Oh for the love of valentines and full moons and the most wonderful snow and sweet happy puppies and eager pulling ten month olds and wise old dogs and good lead dogs and guests who are hardy and bring chocolate and stories from mushing in Canada and Alaska and amazing trails !!!   Trips have been going so well, the dogs are great (even the sick ones are all getting better) and we have had some wonderful mushing.


Of course the little puppies, now about ten weeks old have been the hits, with their love of going on walks with momma Kesha and everyone, their curious nature and adorable looks.  Names have been given to dark brown boy: Sven, black boy: Akiak, white girl: Olga, tan girl: Nana and tan boy: Boozoo.   The tan twins name is from one name Nanaboozoo, an Anishinable man who was the first to have a dog.  One girl went to a mushing home in Two Harbors.   The older pups, now ten months, have started running in the teams and it is so fun to see them starting to pull in the teams.  They are in such good shape from long loose walks and they love running.  Newton is turning into a sled dog too altho he still is very nervous at the start and when we stop for a break.


Our hats “on” to all the mushers who braved the cool temps during this past month.  Luckily mushing is a pretty active sport and that helps to stay warm, but we did have some very cold mornings…..  – 30’s plus.  After 25 days in a row with temps below zero, we are now in a heat wave with temps in the double digits above zero.   Feels good and not too warm for the huskies.


Everyone is liking the new Raventrail.  Last week end as we were running it, lead dog Tahti put her nose to the ground about half way around and then started looking all around, actually king of nervously.  Since she has had a past encounter with a wolf, I take her seriously and looked but could not see anything.  Then there was fresh urine in the middle of the trail; most likely a female.   Next time around a couple hours later, both lead dogs put their noses to the ground while running at exactly the same place as Tahti had.  We stopped, listened and looked around but could not see anything.  Later right at dusk, we walked out and there were five or six places where we could see wolf tracks coming off and/or on the trail right where the dogs had alerted us.  No sightings unfortunately but I thought for the fun of it I would give a very soft howl and seconds later, my huskies answered back.  I was impressed that they could hear from about 3/4 mile such a soft howl.    Amazing.


We have found out that Mayatuk is hypo thyroid and after starting a medication, she is feeling better, and has started running on the teams again.  I think she rather liked the couch though and was a very good cabin dog.


Thanks to Jessica who helped us out in January and now Rose is here for the rest of the season.  Also helping a lion’s share is summer handler Alicia.  She has a special bond with the ten month olds having helped raise them and is so very good with the little pups.


We are starting to schedule summer kayak trips and if you have a group of 6-9 you can have the place for yourselves.  There are also many dates that individuals can sign up for too.

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