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St Urho’s Day Full Moon

A Happy St. Urho’s Day to all….the illustrious, indefatigable, noble, courageous, exuberant, lively, hilarious, gallant, renown, celebrated, intrepid, merry and fearless St. Urho, haffing panished krassoppers vit tose immortall vords – Heinasirkka Mene Taalta Hiiteen!  So we can all have grapes!  And remember when you believe in St Urho you can Uss anni Sauna vithout askin and sarge at to Coop toori vithout limit.  It was a fine sunny day and the huskies enjoyed the grasshopper and grapes parade again this year and of course wearing purple and green to celebrate.


The three month old puppies are enjoying the benefits of puppydom- long loose walks everyday on the sled dog trails and then coming in the house to play and chew on rawhides.   The brown girl is going to Tammy in Portland and the brown boy to Alicia.   Mom Kesha has just gone back to the dog yard and is running happily in the teams.  The 11 month olds have been running with the teams and are doing well.  Mayatuk is doing well now that she is on medication for hypo thyroidism; she has been doing well running in the teams.


The cold weather has abated and surprisingly we had 50 degrees last week and then some 40″s.  Unfortunately during that very warm time, deer and wolves walked on our trails and left deep holes.  This could be dangerous for the huskies to be running on so we have spent many hours shoveling, filling the holes.  At least the weather was nice and the bonus was seeing at least 7 wolf scat on the Dogwood.  I have decided I need to buy a trail cam.


The mushing week ends have been great with getting to connect with returning guests/friends and more Californians joining us.  They were happy about the warmer weather too.  We have our mother/daughter trip this next week end as our finale.  Should still be great mushing as there is lots of snow and more in the forecast.


We had an amazing Mush for A Cure week end with Andrea, Laura, Dawn, Sabrina, DJ and Rose and raised almost $1,900. for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  We were in the pink and would like to thank:

Laura and Thomas Patterson

Employees and Members of Christ the King Church Church, New Ulm, MN

Andrea Pokonowski

Danielle Fratzke

D J Erb

Marilyn Kane

Aunt Georgia

Elana Boncept

Manya Franks

Nancy Doolittle

Sharon O Brien

Elizabeth Genske

Phyllis Westover

Diane Bedell

Chris Heeter

Gwen Bender

Anne Shakespeare

Laurie & Howard Peterson

Patricia Nienow

Sara Ulrich

Christine Dewanz

Marlae Cox-Kolek

Sammie Messick

Catherine Peterman

Sandra Schreiber

Rochelle Rheingans

Barbara Skodje-Mack

Jane Burr

Renee Brandt

Jacki Evenson

Andrea Hutchins

Dorothy Hutchins

Doug Hutchins

Cindy Klettke

Lynne Menturweck

Barbara Naimark

Amy Overton

Sherry Phillips

David Olafson

Dawn Ulrich

Dr. Ferris Fletcher

Kathleen Anderson


We have started planning for kayaking this summer.  If you have a group of 6 or more and would like a week end for yourselves, check the dates on the Kayaking page.  The dates are also there for individuals to sign up.  If you might be interested in kayaking in the Boundary Waters or on Lake Superior,  ask about more details.










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