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April Full Moon of lingering winter

Ah yes, 8 above this morning, -11 last week,….. that 105 inches of snow isn’t going anywhere fast with those temps.  We really only have about 24 inches left on the ground but enough to hook the huskies up in the early morning for some runs.  The great picture of Kesha and Vahti (on facebook) on the Inuit trail by the creek was from this morning and that section of the trail won’t last much longer.  But there is some snow possible this week so we will be ready.  The Raventrail had deer walk on it on a warm day and punched deep holes which make it hazardous to run on.  The facebook picture of Bear and Mayatuk was the last time we were out there and I put one maple syrup tap in.  The sap has only run once and a very little bit.


Speaking of ms. Mayatuk- she is a different dog since going on her hypo thyroid medication.  Earlier this winter she was lethargic and not eating well; now she has been running in the teams, good energy and back in the dog yard.   The other huskies are all doing very well.  The Alaska litter, Koyuk, Nikolai, Nome, Sitka, Toklat and Willow turned one year old last week.  They have been able to go out with the teams and are doing great.  And are they ever strong; I’ve never seen dogs break snaps and bend metal like they can, especially Nome and Nikolai.  We’re in for some fast runs next year.  They still get to go on loose walks too.


The December puppies are growing so fast, most of them weigh in the upper 30, lower 40 pounds already.   The light brown boy who we called Boozoo, is now Monty and lives in St Paul with Alicia and Brian.  Alicia was my summer and part time winter handler.   The light brown girl who we called Nana, is now Luna and lives in Portland, OR with Tammy and family.  Tammy has been coming mushing at Wintermoon for 14 years.  White girl Olga and brown boy Sven are staying with me and continue to love their daily walks on the trails.  Black boy Akiak is still with me and I am open to selling him if the right home comes along.  They are all very sweet and are minding very well.  Just this week for the first time they ventured into the dog yard, as mom Kesha had been moved to the second space, front row on the left.  They were very happy to see each other.  To my surprise, they also went right up to Nikolai, Koyuk, Oh-too and Tahti, all who can be rowdy, but they were great with the pups and didn’t hurt them at all.


I am looking for a summer assistant to start in May or June through August or September.  Please spread the word to anyone who might like to kayak, care for sled dogs and garden this summer.  No experience is necessary, just good attitude and strong.


We ended up raising another $100 for Mush for a Cure thanks to Anita Kangas and Dr. Ferris Fletcher.  Our total was an amazing $1,900.  It was such inspiring experience pairing two things we so believe in: women’s health and the unconditional love and acceptance of our wonderful friends the sled dog huskies.  We are thinking of doing it again next year.


I am still researching a trail camera that I would probably put at the intersection of the Bunk her trail that meets the Inuit.  And low and behold this week, there was wolf scat on the Inuit and wolf tracks right up that trail right past that intersection.  Looking forward to doing this.  I did hear a pack howling to the north about two weeks ago too.


I am confident the ice will be out of the lakes by kayak season so we hope you will consider joining us.  I read some interesting research about how much positive benefit to our bodies and mind there is of anticipation of something we look forward to doing.  So signing up sooner would bring you double the pleasure.  There are still some week ends were if you have a group of 6 you can reserve the week end.  Lots of times for individuals to sign up too.


I do love that at this time of year I have a little time for reading and earmarked a page from Mary Hayes Grieco’s Be A Light.  She has written about kitchen mystics.  Mysticism being the belief in the direct, intimate union of the soul with spirit through contemplation and love.  The kitchen is where you perform important mundane acts such as cooking, eating, washing dishes and telling the truth with your close friends.  Kitchen Mysticism is a path that cultivates the awareness of direct, intimate union with the Divine in the arena of everyday mundane existence.  It’s a personal spiritual path, and there are as many ways of walking it as there are individuals.   All this I liked.  Then a couple little sentences struck me as deep as my life.  “Almost every Kitchen Mystic has a special object of contemplation and worship, something from the physical world that says,  Spirit/Divine/God directly to you – and maybe nobody else!  Over the years I have heard that the gate to the perfection of the Universe is flung open for the mystic by the sight of a seashell, flower, starry night….”   Well you can imagine what mine was.  And it is wonderful to think I am often in the company of others who feel the same way!!!   I recommend her book.






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