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May Full Moon of mushing on snow til 4-24, now it’s gone

Ha… ha….  this full moon snuck up on me because it’s been so rainy and cloudy I haven’t seen the moon in a long time.  And so much can change in one month, I was mushing on good snow last moon and now it is all gone.  As seen on the facebook picture of Trondheim on the Raventrail.  It’s now Mud season, capital M, as not only 130 inches of snow melted, we have gotten many  inches of rainfall.  There’s been lots of digging trenches in the dog yard and  I’m not sure if we feel spring has come yet as it has been pretty cool and cloudy.  The wood stove is going some most days.


Little miss Olga is having a hard time looking white and no huskies have white leg stockings.  But wow is she a good runner.  On our daily loose puppy walks she tears down the trail and through the woods.  Her brothers Akiak and Sven are in hot pursuit and Akiak can pretty much keep up however Sven is good for a sprint but not the long run.  At five months they are still in the pen and love playing together.  Mom Kesha in the dog yard is visited by them every day and the puppies can really go up to any dog in the yard still (maybe not intense Newton) as they are little enough to not be threatening.  I was worried when they started running into the “Alaska” litter’s spaces but they have been good with them.  The “Alaskans”, Nome, Willow, Sitka, Koyuk, Nikolai and Toklat are doing great, so strong and gaining confidence.  When they pull me I can really feel it and when they come flying at me and jump on me, I had better be ready.  And Nome is already a YY !


After an amazing snow winter, the huskies are in such good shape and now I am walking them in harness and loose.  Most of the ones I have raised can be loose with me and it is so fun to watch them fly around the woods.  I usually walk them in harness down the driveway to the trail and then let them go.  Bear is probably my best at coming when I call but all the loose walks as puppies have trained them pretty well.  I will also be starting with the 4 wheeler but the trail has to dry up a little bit first so as to not damage it.


The ice is out and let the kayaking begin.  Lots of good dates for joining us on our beautiful quiet Northwoods lakes.  See the Trips Kayaking page for dates.  If anyone is interested in kayaking on Lake Superior or in the wilderness, let me know as there may be some opportunity.    Also I am considering offering a Carpentry for Women week end:  teaching the basics of carpentry, tools, … and hands on building some things.  I offered this many years ago and loved sharing the info I have learned from years of being a carpenter.  Contact me for more details.


If you have dreamed of having a cabin up North, with wonderful trails, quiet,…..   we have some availability in a cooperative cabin and I can share the details.


It was fun to go to the Midwest Mountaineering Expo in Mpls in April and thanks to all who came and helped: Alicia and Monty, Anita, Dana, Chris, Dawn,  Anca,  Anna and Kate and Henrik.  I loved meeting the little 4 month old cutie!


The woods are filled with grouse drumming and spring bird song.  The feeders now have rose breasted grosbeaks, juncos, purple finches, white throated sparrows and red wing blackbirds.  I was delightfully surprised with two pileated woodpeckers stopping by briefly.


The garlic has popped up, David has the seedlings started, Odin is using the front steps to go out, the chickens are going out and are loving the little grass sprouts, the rhubarb is about 3″ high and the long, cold, hard winter is fading into story.



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  1. Vivian
    May 14, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    I saw the full moon this month and instantly thought I must read the Full Moon News. I have connected with these dogs and their wonderful person, Kathleen! Thanks Kathleen for sharing your world each month. It is always inspirational. Happy Spring!

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