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Magical summer full moon

That very special Friday the 13th full moon was so low in the sky over the huskies this early morning they could almost jump up and play with it.  The light on them was soft and sweet.  I savored the moment as it will be another 45 years before the date and moon come again.


The puppies just celebrated 6 months and are almost as big as mom Kesha already, especially Sven.  Olga and Akiak are a little smaller boned and don’t seem quite as tall.  They all go together on loose walks and pretty much play running tag the whole time.  They are really good about coming when called.  In the last couple weeks the fiddlehead ferns are coming up and ms. Olga seems to like to eat them.  I wonder if wolves do that also?  Monty, aka Boozoo, has been here some with Alicia and they all get along very well.


Had a little brain teaser this month during a morning training run with Craig’s 4 wheeler.  Alicia and I were just hooking up the 6 dogs and Sparky broke loose so we had to take the 4 dogs we already had on the gangline and put them back to catch Sparky.  For a 14 year, 11 month old, he really trucked down the driveway.  Got him back, started putting the 6 dogs on the gangline, who are by now very worked up.  Just got on the 4 wheeler and the rope/shock cord between us the the dogs broke.  You can imagine how fast Bear, Lemmikki, Sami, Sulu, Tahti and Skipper took off.  Luckily his 4 wheeler runs so off we went after them, passed them, Alicia jumped off and grabbed the leaders and tied them to the back of the wheeler, I grabbed the end the gangline.  But now we are behind the 4 wheeler and how to get them tied back on the front without having them take off again…..  slowly I pulled the wheel dogs around and luckily it was Bear and Lemmikki as they listen very well.  The rest of the run went very well.  It has been fairly warm in the mornings so mostly we are walking dogs.  Urho was funny as we were walking one morning, he lifted his leg, and then pooped.  Now that seems alpha and from a neutered male no less.  I guess sometimes what we think of others isn’t what they think of themselves.


It’s been busy planting the garden and trying to work around the very rainy spring we’ve had.  We actually have more to plant and just finished the greenhouses this week.  David’s tomatoes, peppers, squash, basil, broccoli, cabbage,…. all look great.


Kayak trips start today and we are looking forward to being out on the water.  It is like entering a new world, the perspective from the water, the winds, the gentle motion on water, the closeness to wildlife, the openness, all wonderful feelings.  There are still openings for trips, see the Trips – Kayaking page.  We are planning to do a wilderness trip at the beginning of September if anyone is interested.


Alicia is here for the summer and it has been great to have her.  She is so good with the huskies and a good gardener.  We are looking forward to a fun summer.

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