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July Full Moon of blue waters and loon calls

The beautiful black iridescent raven, sitting in the tall aspen at the edge of the dog yard, gracing us with calls of the wild.  Raven medicine offers the courage to enter the Great Mystery and the gift to see and experience a little more of life’s magic.   This is the second year the family has nested at Thornapple and have made us part of their lives.  And symbiotic friend of raven, the wolf….  I have heard them howling several times lately and not too far away.  Some fresh scat over at Makelas and the dogs have really been smelling along our driveway as if something has been there.


Kayak trips have started and there is still room on several week ends:  July 25-27, August 8-10 and September 12-14.  We are doing a advanced beginner week end and paddling on Lake Superior August 22-24 too.  Still time to sign on and have a great summer get-away.  The loon family is back at Salo and just as we got in our kayaks during the first trip, one called it’s hauntingly beautiful vocalization.  It seemed like a welcome.  The next time I was there an eagle was flying low overhead in circles, fishing I’m sure but with no success.  The beavers have been busy with their dam too.


The dogs are doing great.  It has not been too hot for them and the incessant rain has let up so the dog yard is better.  Morning walks are going well and now the 7 month olds, Olga, Akiak and Sven, joined by Alicia’s Monty, have been alternating between loose walks and going in harness.  They are doing great and as Alicia noted this morning they are doing better than their older 15 month old siblings did at that age.  We are very excited about how they all will be doing this winter pulling the sleds.  Many thanks to Jackie,  Mietek,  Mindy, Aaron, Claire and Kiera who have been up recently for all the great dog walking, dog brushing and help with the dogs, firewood, gardens….


And speaking of winter, we are very happy that Kathryn Martin who was the winter handler three years ago will be coming back to join us.  She has been in Arizona working with National Parks and trails.  That will be handy as we have this Homestead trail that we have been trying to get done for 3 years and I am determined to for this winter.  She loved the dogs, Northwoods, the women, quiet, snow and Tommila Lake so it will be a good winter.


So I will mention that we will be having trails week ends October 10-12 and November 1-2.  Everyone is welcome and I provide the food and tools.  It will probably be a combination of building new trail and maintenance on existing ones.


The gardens are doing pretty well.  I am especially impressed with the 250 or so garlic this year.  Last year they didn’t do well and it was a huge disappointment.  The tomatoes, peppers and onions are coming along too.  Since Alicia is experienced with the gardening it has been a huge help and we are almost keeping one step ahead of the weeds.


And dreaming of mushing….. I am scheduling the contract sled dog trips for ’14-’15 season: that’s a group of 6 and you get the week end just for your group.  Let me know if you would like to reserve a date.



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