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Happy August Super Full Moon

Super Moon…. super month.   We have been having good weather, not too warm which is wonderful for the dogs.  Surprisingly though after such a wet spring, we could use some more moisture.  The gardens are doing well and it has been wonderful to be grilling zucchini, putting pesto on new fingerling potatoes, munching pea pods and having healthy salads.  The tomatoes are a little behind but hopefully will make it.


And speaking of gardens we are all hearing about the plight of bees….  of 100 major crops more than 70 are pollinated by bees.  A study just released by the Harvard School of Public Health found that even when bees were exposed to certain neonics (agrochemicals) at levels that weren’t strong enough to kill them outright, their colonies were still far more likely to collapse over the winter.  Half of the colonies that were fed neonics died by spring; only only colony that wasn’t fed neonics died.  The Environmental Protection Agency is not taking any action to stop this and I encourage folks to contact Administrator Gina McCarthy to take action.


The kayak week ends have been great.  The beautiful quilt on facebook was an amazing gift from avid quilter Sammie Messick of Lawrence Kansas.  A very fun group comes up every year and did we ever have a perfect day to paddle at Split Rock Lighthouse Park.  It was calm enough to see your reflection! And Chris brought the best Kansas watermelon and muskmelon.  It has been fun to see the pair of loons at Salo who have 2 chicks, fuzzy light brown and adorable.   Our friends who have a cabin on the lake, watched an eagle dive at them but they were ok.  The chicks are old enough to dive under the water now and so hopefully they will be able to get away.  We watched the parents feed them fish this last week end.


Speaking of kayaking, there are still some openings for paddling on Lake Superior August 22-24 and paddling in the wilderness September 4-7.    And fall colors kayaking too in September.


We are also having a Carpentry for Woman mid September if anyone is interested, let me know.


The dogs have been doing well walking every morning with the skijoring belts.  We had a 3 day “marathon” last week with my niece Hanna and 2 of her friends, Mietek, Alicia and I getting out 45 dogs.  The 8 month old pups, Olga, Akiak, Sven and Alicia’s Monty are still alternating between going loose and walking in harness.  They are surprisingly enthusiastic and focused in harness, and very cute about it too.  Sven seems to be the old soul of the group and listens very well, Olga is the one always watching what is going on and loving to be hugged and Akiak is a little rammy like his older brother Koyuk, whose nickname is Rambo.  Alicia’s Monty is looking so much like Nome we sometimes call one the other and is very well behaved.  Gets to go in the cabin with her every night too so there’s incentive for that.   Craig took Oh-too to the eye doctor in the Cities and he has an ulcer on one of his eyes.  We are hopeful that with the antibiotic ointment he is putting in it that it will clear up.  He is doing well recovering on the couch in Dennison.  Emma T is getting spayed next week and two of the Alaskans next month.


I will be having some trails week ends in October and November if anyone would like to join us.  Let me know as the dates are still somewhat flexible and it would be great to have you join us.  Nipping and clearing the dog trails and I provide the meals, Bunk-her, tools,…..   My goal for this year is to get the new Homestead trail finished that goes north off from the Dogwood and through the Tuominen homestead.  We actually have been working on it for 3 years and will be very scenic, traveling Toimi Creek, past the homestead, up a small esker and past 2 great erratics and through a beautiful spruce bog.  With winter handler Kathryn and Alicia’s help too I am very optimistic about using it this winter.


Scheduling for winter sled dog trips has also started.  If you have a group of 6 you can have the entire lodge for your group.  Also lots of dates for individuals to register and dates are listed under Trips: Dogsledding.


And my favorite quote from this month from Prem Prakash:  “Each soul has it’s own note to sing in the devine chorus and no voice is more important than another.”



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