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September full moon of welcome fall !

Immersed in Nature

I feel the quiet, it settles into my bones

I see the tapestry of beauty, it replenishes my soul

I hear the song of the loon, it ignites the light of joy

I am touched by our Mother, may I live with gratitude.


Our most recent kayaking was a wonderful trip to the BWCAW where we experienced big winds and whitecaps, serene calm waters, moon and sun rising over the water, eagles, loons, stories of mothers and fathers,  long lunches in the sun and great cooperation of effort (especially in packing kayaks for camping!).  It was especially fun to introduce Renee and Nicole to this wilderness and have Lin’s experience.


Our Lake Superior kayaking also saw big winds, coming from the northeast no less and so after checking our Split Rock, we decided on the more protected waters of Two Harbors.  Lots of interesting things there too with a 1000 foot ore carrier at the docks, lunch by the tugboat Edna G, a sailboat race and the historic Lighthouse.  We felt the power of the Big Lake, were awed and Jody, Tracey and Anca are anxious to return.


All of the kayaking has been wonderful.  Most have gotten to see the loon chicks on Salo Lake and I wanted to let you know, as of yesterday, both chicks have survived the summer!  We would almost every time see eagles at the lake too and have been concerned.  There is one kayak trip left September 19-21, basing here and paddling in the splendor of fall colors and there are a few openings if anyone is interested.


I was recently reading from a book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  One of her conclusions is “For happiness, you are better off using your money to have a great experience, than to gain a possession”.   And so it makes me happy to be able to add to the happiness of the world.


We also are offering something new and exciting, a Yoga Retreat Week end – October 10-12.  Yoga instructor Laura Haack will be leading 4 sessions of yoga, Herbalist Pam Thompson will be doing an herb session, hiking and biking will be available and our fabulous meals, all for $150.  There are a couple spots left.


And the huskies….. they are doing great.  It has not been too hot this summer and that has really been great for them.  Energizing walks every morning and we are just getting ready for 4 wheeler (thanks Craig for the loaner) training.  It will be the yearlings first time with it but I think they will love it as they have so much energy and strength.  The 9 month olds, Olga, Sven, Akiak and Alicia’s Monty are still a little to young but will be able to go out with the sled this winter, or later fall at least.  They really are mature pups.  Emma T has recovered very well from her spay and surgery and Oh-too’s eye seems to be doing well too.  He still has to be tested to be sure.  We had quite a huge thunderstorm recently and we brought Val and Michael (Odin’s siblings) into the house as they hate the noise and as a test for how they might do inside this winter.  They seemed to transition pretty well.  We might have quite a cabin full this winter as Balto and Sparky have put in requests also.  That would be all of the retired huskies.  I only have 4 couches but Odin, who is doing pretty good, prefers his pillow anyway so it could work.


We have some trail work week ends coming up for anyone who would like to join in, open to men, women.  We work on clearing the brush and fallen trees on the dog trails and build some new sections, hopefully finishing a wonderful new trail we started 3 years ago, the Erratic (glacial) Homestead (old Tuominen) Trail.  They are September 26-28 and October 24-26.  I provide the food, Bunk-her, sauna, tools,….  It is such a great time to be out in the woods too.


The gardens are wonderful,  lots of great greens, peppers, zucchini, carrots, garlic, onions, squash and tomatoes (just not ripe ones yet).   We are predicted to have very cool weather this week so we hope we can get them through it and be able to ripen.


And we are planning the winter dogsledding trips now.  There are still a few week ends that could be taken by a group if you have 6 people that would like to mush together.   Individuals can sign up now too.  And we are excited to be having a friend of Craigs, Lisbet from Sweden joining us in February.



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  1. Vivian
    September 16, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    Gretchen Rubin is so right on. Experience rather than possession. We are decluttering our home and debating the next wonderful things to do. Life is busy, but when one is at Wintermoon, you only think about where you are in the moment and that wonderful experience to live and reflect on. I am glad the retirees all have interest in the house. That will be fun. I am looking forward to fall and winter, sled dogs and snow. Miss you Kathleen.

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