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October fall full/eclipse moon

And a beautiful fall it has been…. the maples were stunning and now it is the golden birches and aspens.  Walking in the forest makes one feel so alive and reminds me how precious the simple pleasures are.


It was a wonderful kayaking season and thanks to all who graced Summersun and shared learning and paddling on our beautiful lakes.  The fall color finale was fun and we got to see the loons and their chicks again; they survived the summer with the eagles flying overhead!


I am so lucky that always the next thing on my list to do it one of my favorites….. now trails and dog training.   We have the most amazing trails on the 404 acres and they have been created and maintained by wonderful volunteers/handlers/friends.  A time to spend in the woods doing physical work, eating well, visiting with interesting people and playing with beautiful dogs.  All are welcome to join in and we have two week end dates:


OCTOBER 24-26    and     NOVEMBER 7-9


Another fun thing that I have been doing is having a booth and speaking at Midwest Mountaineering’s Outdoor Expo in Minneapolis.  It is November 21-23 and I will be speaking on Women and Mushing on Saturday the 22nd at 4:45.  All are welcome; it is a free event with many informative, interesting presentations, lots of booths on outdoor activities and good sales.  They are located on Cedar and Riverside on the West Bank.


It’s the year of the potato, they deserve hype

Not the hundreds of tomatoes, none of them ripe.


The gardens were pretty good this year, with some things doing better than others.  It was the best potato crop ever, with some planted as late as July 6 and still producing well.  The composted manure from our chickens really helped.  Alicia and I both became enamored with potatoes with pesto and served it on almost every kayak trip and I imagine it will be many dogsledding ones too.  Onions, garlic, squash, greens all did great.  I have 90 garlic replanted and I am hoping for around 250 total.  And we do like fried green tomatoes, especially when they are picked by Michele and Gail and fried by Julie (those of you who have the calendar will know what I mean : )  Poor Odin though, the living room floor is where I am drying the potatoes, onions, ripening green tomatoes,…. and he has to walk through a vegetable jungle to go outside.  In general though he is doing great.


Gardens and kayaking make me think of Alicia, the summer handler.  Her summer season ended last week and she is back in St Paul.  A huge thanks to her for all of her wonderful help this summer;  I could not have done it without her.  She is most amazing with the dogs and loves them so much and they love her.  The good news is that she will be back to help out this winter again, and Monty too.  And also returning this winter is Kathryn Martin.  She first came as a college intern in 2012 from Ithaca NY and created the wonderful dog genealogy book.  It will be great to have her do some updating with all of our new dogs.


And some very exciting news from Manya.  She had written a children’s book about Oh-too, being a very brave dog and is having it published.  It has Trondheim, Lemmikki and Mayatuk in it too and is a very fun story.  It will take awhile for publishing but we will have them for sale here.


We lost one of my “big boys” this month, I always love the big boys and he was one of the best, mr. Balto, mr. blue eyes who would watch everything you were doing and probably comment on it as well.  A great leader and lover of loose walks.  When he was born, which was the winter, I was worried about his mom Jessie delivering and so I slept outside her house in my winter weight bag so I could help her with the delivery.   I remember one time, we were leaving the dog yard and he was the leader of the team behind me.  The driver fell off and they shot past me, I slowed my team and yelled to Balto : “haw back Balto, haw back” …. and if he didn’t stop that team and turn around to come to me.  He was a momma’s boy and I loved him.  Of course for the record, I love all of the dogs equally!


There were a few flurries in the air this week and soon it will be wintermoon!  There are still dates available for mushing this winter and some week ends:  solstice, new year’s,  Jan 2-4 & 16-18 or 19 and March 13-15 that a group could have.  The time between Christmas and new years is open for kids and parents again and can be a one day, overnight or more.  We are doing Mush for a Cure again March 6-9 and Mother/Daughter March 20-22 and there are openings for both.


Dog training is going well.  It is the first time the 17 month old “Alaskan” litter has run with the 4 wheeler and they have been doing good.  They are getting so strong and still love running at you and jumping on you and one has to be prepared when you walk in their space or are taking them for a walk.  Koyuk in particular has earned the name Rambo.  Nome and Toklat both were neutered this month and the girls will go in November to be spayed.  The 10 month olds still alternate between loose and harness.  Sometime though they do run a little out of sight which is not good.  This past week, I was working in the yard moving firewood to the Bunk-her so I let Akiak loose to run around with me.  He was doing good but then disappeared on me ; it seemed in the direction of the trail behind the Bunk-her.  I walked down and called, nothing.  I came back and since I had been in the Bunk-her, looked in the door, no dog.  I got better boots,… and I heard him barking down that trail so went again, calling and walked the Inuit all the way to the Dogwood and back to the driveway.  Nothing.  Then I heard him barking down there again,  kind of in the same area,  thoughts of being hurt, collar caught on something, having something treed, being in a trap, wolves,….  all run through my head. I get the first aid kit, leather person, …. and walk back again, listening,  I sit down in that area and listen, nothing.  I came back and hear the barking in the same area again, shortly followed by squealing.  But the squealing was high in the trees and seemed closer.  Really…..  went to the Bunk-her, opened the door and he was upstairs; I think afraid to come down the stairs.  He had managed to “take down” every stuffed animal from the beds though.  Silly boy.


Thanks to Sammie for the dresses, some of which she made, for our collection.  A very sexy white  spaghetti strap, a luscious red velvet (will look great against the snow), the cream and black kind of flapper style and more….  we will have fun with them.  I know there is at least one ball gown outing in the works for this winter and I am always game.


And the huskies have their first pet, a raven.  She is in the dog yard a lot of the time and eats and drinks from the dog’s bowls.  There are also about 4 different trees with low branches that she just sits and meditates in.  They kind of chase her but they also really tolerate her.  Maybe it’s Raven come back as a raven.


I will be hosting a yoga retreat this week end.  Instructor Laura Haack will lead yoga at Petrell Hall and Pam Thompson will do an herb session also.  If it goes well, there will be plans to offer it again.














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