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December Wintery Hoarfrost Full Moon

What a beautiful wintery ice crystals on the trees full moon today.  And sometimes folks wonder why we love winter and cold.  It is food for the soul beauty of nature with a new masterpiece everyday.  Moisture in the air has covered everything with delicate white frost and the forest is magical.  And we do have snow, the official total is 16  1/2 inches but it has settled to less than that.  A great start to the mushing season and the dogs are ready.


We are still mostly training with the 4 wheeler as we have more control and can run larger teams.  Our leaders, mainly Lemmikki, Trondheim, Bear, Tahti, Kesha and now Craig’s Tilly, Jax and Qimmiq are really doing great.  When we hook up and return from runs, they stay tight and have been great with the turn commands.  I am looking forward to trying some of the 20 month olds in lead this winter as they have been quite focused and really pulling on the training runs.  I would say Nikolai and Sitka will be out there first but all of them are really doing well.  We will have a very cute elder team of Fran, Kapu, Libby and probably put the just turned one litter with them at first so we don’t take them too fast.  Sven and Akiak are really strong already .  Sven is mr. friendly (too friendly to Kat when we were taking their one year old  picture, every once in a while a husky will lift their leg and I see it as a member of the pack thing).  Akiak : when you name a puppy I sometimes wonder if the universe is telling me what that dog will be like or in naming you help create that personality.  In the storybook Akiak, the husky is determined, strong-willed and independent which is also how I see our Akiak.   Olga is just fast and smart and being a great mom to her two little girls.



We still have some openings for mushing this winter:  Parents and Kids for day trips on December 28 and 30.  There is space in Jan 9-11, 17-19, March 6-9 Mush for a Cure and March 20-22 Mother and Daughter.  There is a possibility of combining mushing with some TTouch on March 13-15.


The first online issue of the Sled Dogger just came out, over 100 pages of great articles on mushing.  It is free and just go to thesleddogger.com and sign up.  I am writing about Women and Mushing and if you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know.


We had a great time at the Midwest Mountaineering Adventure Expo in Minneapolis and it was so fun to talk to all the attendees.  I enjoyed giving a presentation on Women and Mushing in the Northwoods.  Many thanks to Alicia, Dawn, Chris, Sarah, Jane, Mietek and Dana for helping out.


And many thanks to Cindy Oliverius from Colorado who made us these fun and creative napkins holders with suns, moons, stones, feathers and whimsy.  They will really add to our meal time.


Being in nature is food for the soul and being with dogs is food for the heart, may you be blessed this Holiday season!






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