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Chilly new year January full moon

Happy New Year Everyone!   We are so excited to have a full calendar for the mushing season and huskies that are ready to run and trails that have beautiful snow and two great handlers, Kat and Alicia and lots of organic food in the pantry from our fabulous gardens.  And two adorable puppies: Kylla and Lena. they are two months old and very adventurous; they have been on walks all the way down the driveway and Inuit trail already.

The families who were here mushing during the Holidays had lots of fun with them and gave them some great attention.



The dogs are all doing great and it is wonderful to see how much the Alaska litter has matured.  They are now steady pullers and I am ready to start trying some of them in lead with experienced leaders.  The one year olds: Olga, Sven and Akiak had their first run and all did pretty good for a first time.  It is always confusing for them after their whole life of being able to go here or there to be confined to the gangline but they all did some pulling.  Akiak actually was a star and pulled with gusto.  They all enjoyed the running.


We are lucky to have enough snow and the trails are good.  Still need to get the Inuit open and a good snow storm would be very appreciated.


The last group here was in the mood to start taking some calendar pictures again.  I think the puppies inspired them but they also hauled some wood and fed the birds.  So there may be a calendar in 2016 again.


Also thinking of Heart in the Earth for this summer.  Anyone with suggestions, please let me know.

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