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Wintery & finally some sun! March Full Moon News

Wintery, yes…. it was officially -36.6 degrees in Brimson last night.  Many thanks to Alicia who gave all the dogs fresh straw yesterday.


This has been our busiest month of mushing, all returning groups including the wonderful high schoolers from the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley.  Nine juniors and seniors, studying circumpolar cultures, were here for five days.  They energetically immersed themselves in our sustainable life style, connected with and loved the huskies and were very good mushers.  There is nothing sweeter than a couch full of young girls and puppies.  We were thrilled to again have Noel, an Inuit from Tuktoyaktuk join us, share his culture and Artic games.  This field study gives one such a good feeling about youth and what they are doing and accomplishing.  Many thanks to the dream team helpers: DJ, Kat, Alicia, Lisbet, David and teacher Craig Johnson.


This upcoming week end is Mush for a Cure.  It was started up near Grand Marais and although they are not holding their fun run this year, we are still having ours here and we are raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  All donations go to them through Mush for a Cure and are tax deductible and we appreciate and thank you so much for any amount given.  Here is where to go: http://www.active.com/donate/2015MushforaCure/WintermoonTeam     We are at $840. already!  And many thanks to all who have donated already.



Dawn, Laura and DJ at last years Mush for a Cure, Wintermoon where we raised $1,900-  for breast cancer.


It’s the puppies four month old birthday and they are doing great.  They’re still in a pen by the cabin (until they squeeze, climb, or sweet talk their way out).  They do get a lot of loose time and love going out and playing with their uncles and the other huskies.  It’s almost time to try them in a harness and start taking walks too.   Kylla is the adventurous one and Lena loves to visit others the most.


Besides great mushing this month, as the trails are really in good shape, we have had a lot of good Northwoods fun.  Manya celebrated her 70th with us with a ball gown appearance at Hugo’s.  There was a very good live band and dancing was had by all.  A sweet heart cake for our wonderful friend and heart transplant guest Diane, mushing after only 13 months.  There is a very good chance there will be another “Calendar Girls” next year and some very great photos have been taken,  with puppies, doing yoga, hauling wood, with Odin, throwing the kong with Urho,  Winter-mooning, ….  and we are always open to others.  It is a fund raiser for the vet fund.


So I’ll segue to taking Mayatuk to the vet as she was not putting any weight on her front left leg.  She has pulled a tendon in her shoulder and will be on “cabin rest” for two weeks which she will love but we’ll miss her on the teams.  And we lost the sweet ol’ mr. Odin who was so adorable, patient, tolerant (especially with the puppies who loved him and he loved them), knowing, smart and steady which made him the perfect lead dog and cabin mate.  We will all miss him a lot.


This summer I will be offering the kayak week ends again and at still a great deal, (not raising the prices) so for $200. :  2 days of kayaking and instruction, lodging in the beautiful Bunk-her and the greatest meals, playing with huskies, wildlife viewing, the great Northwoods,……   If you have a group of 6-8 the place is yours and we can tailor things to your group too.  The dates are on the web site.


I am also hosting Yoga by Laura Haack again.  We did one in the fall and it was wonderful.  It’s June 5-7 and details on the web site.


I am also planning Heart in the Earth !!  Stay tuned for dates and details.  Some fun things planned: qoya, piano music, Artic marathoner, funny lady, …  let me know if you have any suggestions.


Kat has taken a job with the Colorado Conservation Corp and we thank her for all of her wonderful help and care of the dogs this season.  She was a great addition to the Wintermoon experience and she saw a wolf (she had been waiting all winter) as she was leaving!


And on a happy health note, a new study at the University of Alberta, CA, the health benefits of resveratrol, a compound in red wine was seen to improve physical performance, heart function and muscle strength.  Other studies have already shown those who drink a glass of wine a day are less likely to develop dementia, cancer and that it’s good for your heart, anti-aging and regulating blood sugar.


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