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April blood moon, vanishing snow

It has been a challenging month with temps climbing into the 40’s and even 50’s and you can imagine what that does to snow, especially when you are already 30 inches below normal.  Our season ended mid March and we were very sad to have to cancel the Mother & Daughter week ends.   It is hard for the huskies as they are in peak condition and lovin’ the running life.  We switched to lots of loose walks, a very nice second choice and fun to see them sprint all around and now we are using the 4 wheeler.  I can tell they really like that too; me not as much but very glad for the option.


Mush for the Cure was fantastic.  We: Laura, Dawn, Janet, Alicia and I were able to raise $2,160. !!  So our total for the last 2 years is over $4,000. for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  And we had fun doing it.  Pretty pink clothes, pink candles, pink flowers, pink wine for motivation and the energy of the huskies.  Doing active things outdoors really brings home the importance of women’s health and how much we value it.  Our finale, representing everyone working together and accomplishing great things was running a 10 dog team with 2 sleds.  That was wonderful!



Huge THANKS to everyone who contributed to Mush for a Cure – Team Wintermoon!

Laura & Tom Patterson                                 Dawn Ulrich                                          Janet Myers                             Manya Franks

Alicia Hachfeld                                                 Andrea Hutchins                                  Sally Myers                               Nancy Menssen

Cathie Baldwin                                                 Margaret Louters                                 Susan Sasse                              Susan Johnson

Mike Haubris                                                   John Krumheur                                    Cindy Klettle                             Helen Christianson

Kelly Greene                                                     Sammie Messick                                   Loretta Peterson                       Jane Burr

Chris Heeter                                                     Rose Spieler-Sandberg                         Rita Beltz                                   Rochelle Rheingans

David Olafson                                                  DJ Erb                                                       Sara Ulrich                               Jan Magree

Vivian Coleman                                               Michael Stent                                           Diane Heneghan                     Alison Miller

Marlae Cox-Kolex                                           Jennifer Lambrecht                                Maureen West                         James Dillon

Sherry Phillips                                                 Barbara Naimark                                     Julie Reimer                            Sarah Berger

Kay Kingsley                                                    Sue Damme                                              Shellie Kahler


It was a great season overall.  So many wonderful groups and wonderful runs with the huskies.  All of the youngsters got some sled time and they are all progressing well.  Akiak was the star one year old and was quite focused for his age.  While all of the “Alaskans” did really well,  Nikolai  seemed like such a natural.  I tried him in lead several times and he did very well.


And Happy 2 year old Birthday to the “Alaskans” :  Koyuk, Nikolai, Nome, Sitka, Toklat and Willow!  They are all doing amazing, so strong, energetic, full of life.  Still a bit shy until you get to know them.  The picture of Nome with Jackie is an example, when she came on Friday, he was barking at her and wouldn’t come up to her, then by Saturday morning:




I will be having a booth again at the wonderful Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Expo in Minneapolis April 24-26.  There are lots of booths with info on outdoor activities and great speakers and all free.  Friday night is beer and gear night and a huge free raffle for really great stuff, including a Wintermoon Summersun Kayak Trip.   Stop by and say hi and sign up to win a Wintermoon long sleeve T.  Their web site lists all the speakers and booths.  They are located at Cedar and Riverside on the West Bank.


We have set the dates for HEART IN THE EARTH – August 21-23.  It is a week end when I bring together lots of amazing women who love nature and the outdoors and we all share and play together.    We’ll kayak, canoe, hike, visit gardens, walk huskies, bike, campfire, sauna and…..  Guests speakers include:

Pam Solberg-Tapper –  Running a marathon at the North Pole

Kathi Osmonson – Safari in Africa

Pam Thompson – Healing Herbs

Dotty Bacon – Accu-pressure

Qoya – Terese Elhard

and more….   We start at 1 pm on Friday through Sunday early afternoon.  Cost is $225.


And the kayaking schedule is Trips: Kayaking page.  We’d love to have you join us for invigorating, rejuvenating time on the water!  Theses week ends include lodging, meals and all kayaking for $200. !!


The seeds have been started.  David has transplanted (into bigger containers) 80 tomato plants already.  I think he has 195 started : )



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