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May Full Moon of sweet new puppies

Well two years ago we got 50″ of snow in April and so it wasn’t crazy to be wishing for lots of snow this last month.  I kept a sled out just in case.  And there were a couple, couple inch snowfalls but not enough to use the sled.  We switched to the four wheeler and the dogs are doing great.  There’s been a lot of loose walks too, a wonderful thing in the spring with the air filled with bird song.   The lake ice has gone early too and the excitement is building for kayaking.  The first trip is celebrating Solstice June 19-21.  The blue flag iris should be blooming and sharing it’s beauty while we paddle.  There are openings on many weekends during the summer and the kayak schedule is under Trips.  We really are an ADVENTURE: excitement and challenge RETREAT: rejuvenation and nature’s quiet.

Blue flag iris on Sullivan Lake

Blue flag iris on Sullivan Lake

We are also happy to be having HEART IN THE EARTH  August 21-23.  Bringing together the talents and energy of many skilled outdoorswomen and healing artists, this week end offers a variety of activities and speakers.  Kathi Osmonson will share her African Safari,  Pam Solberg-Tapper will take us the the North Pole where she ran a marathon and ecologist Sherry Phillips will share the beautiful flora and fauna of the Northwoods.   Pam Thompson with medicinal herbs, Terese Elhard teaching Qoya, Dotty Bacon and her healing acu-release and we’ll also hike, kayak, canoe, walk a labyrinth, …  lots of choices for an energizing and nature filled time.   Thanks to many in the Wintermoon community for sharing their book favorites in the latest Women and Mushing column in The Sled Dogger, online magazine.  This quarterly publication is free and has lots of info on mushing all around the world.  The spring issue should be released mid May.   The Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Expo in Minneapolis was fun and action packed.  We talked to many people about our community of dogsledding and kayaking women and our love of spending time in the outdoors.  Many thanks to Kate, Dana, Lauren and Laura for all of their help at the booth.   And we welcome Lauren Schaffran as the summer handler.  She is a student at St. Thomas and came with her mother, aunts and cousins dogsledding this winter.  Lisa Beckstrom, who we also met this winter on a trip, will also be helping out this summer.   And sweetheart ms. Lemmikki delivered three beautiful puppies on April 17-18.  Little brown girl and two black boys.  They are really growing fast and are doing well.  They are still in the living room and some days it is hard to get any work done.  They do sleep a lot though.

Lemmikki's puppies at 12 days old

Lemmikki’s puppies at 12 days old

Kylla and Lena are good too and just turned six months old.  That went fast.  They really do look like little dogs now and but are still playing together like puppies.  They do get a little rough sometimes though and you’ll see them biting on the other’s tail.  They do mind very well and come when called so still can go on loose walks together.   And another big loss of a big old boy, Sparky. He was almost 16 years old.  His classic good looks and sweet disposition made him a favorite.  He loved being in the cabin this winter and we had to laugh at him when he would lay on the big dog bed with Odin.  I think that sometimes my dogs send me messages from the beyond and I had a touching one a couple weeks after losing Sparky.  There was an advertisement on facebook about a book called Dog Girl.  Now a young woman who was up here dogsledding for the first time this winter shared that when she was young, she was called dog girl.  So I checked it out and started reading it…. a young girl decides she wants to be a musher and goes with her family to buy a dog team.  As the woman is showing her the dogs, she says “and this is my favorite dog, Sparkle”.  Sparkle is the nickname that I had been calling Sparky lately!!   Thanks buddy.


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