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June Full Moon

A month of watching puppies grow into sweet little beings…  influenced by their sweet mother Lemmikki.   They took over the living room until 6 weeks old and now we have built another new pen out at the edge  of the dog yard.  They still go for daily walks with mom and love playing together.  The black boy is named Tulugak, an Inuit word for raven.  Their great great grandmother was an Inuit husky from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada.  Our friend Noel  from Tuk shared what the raven word was.   The larger lighter black boy has an Ojibwe name for moose, Mooz.    And the light brown still doesn’t have a name; I am hoping for a Finnish word.


The gardens are coming along slowly…..  we had a number of frosts at the end of May and beginning of June so we didn’t want to plant too many tomatoes, peppers and basil.   The potatoes are coming up and the garlic looks great this year.


Summer handler Lauren has arrived and really connected with the puppies.  She is doing great and had her first trip with 12 !! at the yoga week end after only about a week.




We will start our first kayak weekend June 19-21.  There are openings on many of the summer dates and we would love to have you join us.  The list of dates is on the Trips: Kayaking page on the web site.


And Heart in the Earth August 21-23 also still has openings.  Another guest speaker showing her amazingly beautiful pictures of forest flora and fauna is ecologist Sherry Phillips.  She has great stories and info about these from living up here for over 40 years, including following adult and baby swans down the highway as they moved from one lake to another, momma and baby moose in the river, rare bird sightings and more.   We will kayak, hike, do yoga, qoya, campfires, accu-release, play with puppies and huskies and hear great speakers about the Artic and Africa.  More info on the web page.










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