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July (first of the blue moons) summer moon

The potatoes and garlic (behind) are doing great !

The potatoes and garlic (behind) are doing great !

What a wonderful summer it has been so far….  not too hot (dogs and tomatoes like that), enough rain for the gardens, not bad bugs, puppies growing and providing live entertainment daily and handler Lauren likes it here.   She has been a great help, with the dogs who really like her and getting the gardens planted, which has seemed to go on and on.   I have heard it is good to plant on the full moon so maybe that is my reason for still planting, as I was waiting for this wonderful full moon.  The seeds and seedlings which were planted over a month ago are doing great.


We have 125 peppers, over 100 tomatoes along with many spuds, onions, broccoli, greens, cabbage, squash, beans, peas, carrots and herbs planted already and really just a few more things to put in.  I add our wonderful chicken manure and compost and so it really helps get things going.


Very sad news about some of our mushing friends in Willow Alaska where a wild fire destroyed many homes including Dee Dee Jonrowe, Jan Steeves and Bob Chlupach and Jamie and Justin High.   We visited their kennels and helped Jan and Bob when were at Iditarod Start in ’13.  Wintermoon will be sending a donation to them and if you would like to contribute, please let me know.  All the dogs (except Dee’s elderly house dog) were rescued but everything else was lost.


The kayak season has started off slowly and there are still openings for trips in August and September.  And also space on August 21-23 Heart in the Earth with amazing presentations and activities including natural dying with Anna Carlson, herbs with Pam Thompson, marathoning at the North Pole, Africa safari stories, qoya, accu-pressure with Dotty, kayaking, hiking, great food and lots of women in the outdoors stories and activities.


Lemmikki’s  two month old puppies all have names now and in keeping with their Inuit roots, two have names from that language:  brown girl is Amaroq (Inuit for wolf) and the black boy is Tulugak (Inuit for raven).  The brown/black very large boy is Mooz (Ojibwa for moose).  I really liked finding animal names that have a relationship in the wild.  They play hard and love being loose and visiting with dad Sven and “sisters” Lena and Kylla.  Lemmikki is still in the pen with them but pretty much done nursing.  She is doing great and does like to play with them now.






Lena playing with Amaroq and Mooz

Lena playing with Amaroq and Mooz


The rest of the huskies are doing well, enjoying their morning walks.  We just got 3 truck loads of gravel dumped in the dog yard and those that have piles in their spaces are enjoying “king and queen” on the mountain.    Most of the dogs have been moved into new spaces as there were some females in heat and we wanted to give new social opportunities.   Elder Val is doing well and she and Oh-too will probably be the cabin dogs this winter.


Thinking about winter (all the time), we will be having Trails week ends in October and November if anyone would like to join in.  Lots of fun to be in the forest in the crispy fall weather.  Let me know if you are interested.


Also this fall, the first week end in October, Laura Haack, yoga instructor will return for another yoga retreat.  Everyone had a wonderful time and we love putting that great energy into the universe.  See the website for details.


And I am scheduling groups for dogsledding weekends this winter.  If you have 6-8 in your group you can have the weekend and place to yourselves.   Come join our friendly and sweet sled dogs who love to run.  And they have lots of energy, almost half of the kennel is under two years old!


We had an amazing treat last week, one that makes you feel so grateful for living the life style.  There were dancing, pulsating northern lights that were in the north, east, west, above and were beautiful.  Thanks to Lynn and Diane who spotted them and called at 12:15 am to tell me.  I got Lauren up too and it was her first time seeing them.  Writing this reminds me that she is a journalism major at St Thomas and maybe I’ll ask her if she will write about it and we will include it next time.





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