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August summery full moon


Dry and hot….  not the huskies favorite.    2  1/2 weeks with NO rain…. not the gardens favorite.  August has had more challenges including two mornings below freezing.  Luckily I knew it was coming and covered everything and all was well.  The tomatoes have been a little slow in ripening and all the garlic is hung up to dry.  Lots of pesto this winter.


Heart in the Earth was filled with wonderful presenters: many thanks to Anna Carlson teaching techniques with indigo natural dyes, Pam Solberg-Tapper marathoning at the North Pole and all the continents,  the amazing wildlife of Zimbabwe with Kathi Osmonson, Sherry Phillip’s beautiful flowers and fun animals from the Northland, Dotty Bacon’s healing acu-release, Pam Thompson’s healing herbs and Lauren’s great ukulele playing and singing.  And the Sisu Cornhole Chaos Playoff was down to the wire close with Dotty and Laura winning!  Walking huskies and the labyrinth, yoga, opening and closing circle and garden fresh meals added to the spirit of the gathering.  Huge thanks to all the helpers:  Lisa, Laura, Dana, Dawn, Fawn and Christine.

Handler Lauren shares her thoughts: On Heart in the Earth:

     The weekend of August 21st – 23rd, Wintermoon became a gathering place for women who shared something in common: a love for nature and the amazing physical, spiritual and emotional benefits nature gives us.

On Friday night, the group gathered for its first conversation as a whole, and each woman shared where she was on her life journey.  Everyone had a different story to tell.  There were women on journeys and women at rest, women opening new chapters of their lives or just stepping out of old ones.  Some came with their daughters, others with their friends, and others solo.  But for two days, everyone shared the same chapter.

We all learned new skills and had some fun as well through lots of activities, such as natural dying, making herbal remedies, kayaking, and a cornhole tournament.  And it is important to learn new things, and to admire and share in the passions of others.

But the experience was about so much more than just the things we did.  It was about confidence and self-esteem; relaxation and inspiration and strength.

On Sunday afternoon, everyone shared something about the weekend that had been meaningful for them before we all once again went our separate ways to continue our separate journeys.  Many women shared a similar feeling, admitting how much she had in some way needed the trip, whether it was to take time for herself or prove to herself she was capable of handling a situation out of her comfort zone.  And the company of other amazing women ensured that everyone, despite all their different backgrounds and different comfort levels, left feeling confident and refreshed.

The huskies are doing great, for summer and energized on the cooler mornings.  And those sweet four month old puppies, Mooz, Amaroq and Tulugak are growing, running faster, loving to visit and play with the big dogs and enjoying us people too.  Mom Lemmikki is back in the dog yard and doing great; she is so ready to start running.  Mom/Grandmother Kesha (to all 14 of the last four litters) has been spayed.  She liked her recovery time in the cabin although she got a little off her eating.


 Lauren who spends a lot of time in the dog yard shares an experience.


On Toklat:


 Strange as it may seem, scooping is one of my favorite jobs here at Wintermoon Summersun.  I love the easy opportunity to touch base with every dog in the yard as I make my round.  Most of the dogs, within moments of my declaring my presence with the scrape of my rake, if they’re not already out and waiting for me, will come over to greet me.

                But not everyone.  A few of the dogs remain a bit more aloof, and winning their trust and affection has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my summer here.  One such dog is Toklat, a shy 2-year-old who occasionally seems happy to see me, but more often lounges on top of his house watching me as I work, with no apparent desire to come down.

I’m not sure who starts the howl one day as I’m scooping in Toklat’s space—someone down on the other end of the yard.  First it’s only a few dogs barking; then the sound slowly morphs into a chorus, a sound simultaneously cacophonous and harmonious.  The sound of the dogs all singing together has always spoken to me, but now, standing as I am in their midst as they sing, I slip away from myself for a moment.  There’s no one else around, anyway—why not?  I drop to my knees, throw my head back, and join the dogs in their song.

That finally does it.  Toklat immediately jumps off his house and comes over to investigate me, sniffing me all over.  I don’t entertain any delusions that we share a moment.  He doesn’t suddenly come to understand me through my howling.  I’m pretty sure he’s just mildly concerned.  What the heck is wrong with you? his inquisitive sniffs ask.  He tires of me and my strange new behavior quickly, retreating to watch me (rather warily, I think) from the opposite end of his chain.  He isn’t wondering anymore; he’s decided.  You’re pretty weird, his manner says to me as clearly as any person could.

Lauren will be going back to St Thomas College next week as a junior in Communications and Journalism.  I think she is well on her way to doing amazing in her chosen field.  It has been wonderful to have her good energy here this summer.  She was great with the huskies (as you can tell by her writing and now a member of the pack) and a very hard worker.

Thanks to Sadie, Lisa, Christine, David, Mietek and Craig for your help in keeping the homestead and huskies going!  If anyone is interested in a trails weekend, I would have the last weekend in October.  Please let me know.

I’m thinking it could just be a little more than three months until we see snow and maybe getting the sleds out….  that’s a good thought.  There are a couple weekends with openings if you would like to join our fabulous huskies for the joy of the run.

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  1. Vivian
    September 5, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Always inspirational to read the Full Moon News and see that I missed an amazing Heart in the Earth. Thanks for sharing some highlights and reminding us to step out of our comfort zone and see new things through fresh eyes.

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