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October Chilly Full Moon

Luckily the weather has turned cooler for dog training.  We have had some token snow but lots of freezing temps and down into the twenties too with quarter inch thick ice on the bowls.  The huskies are ready to go and all pandemonium  breaks loose when I uncover the four wheeler and grab the harnesses.  The dogs are doing great.  Mostly I have been putting the experienced leaders in front but I want to try the two year olds pretty soon.  But I have been on my own on the four wheeler and sometimes it is best to have help when you try something new.


So, I am hoping to find an assistant for the winter!!  A woman who loves the outdoors, dogs, working with women and a sense of adventure.   It would be a winter to remember and  there would be lots of husky kisses and garlic.  Please spread the word if you know of anyone who might like a very memorable experience.  And let me just add that if their first name starts with A, tell them it probably is something they are meant to do as nine of my past handler’s names have started with A and most of the others have had their name end in a or had an a in it.  I was Amazed.


We have two more trails weekends if anyone is interested and all are welcome.  I provide the food, Bunk-her, sauna, dog time,…..  they are Oct 31-Nov 1 and Nov 21-22.   It is a fun time out in the woods.


Many of you are familiar with the cooperative cabins we have that are “time-shared” and we have an opening.  It’s great if you like to spend quiet time in a sweet cabin in the Northwoods and share the financial responsibility and not have to have all the maintenance obligations.  Email me, wintermoon@brimson.com  if you have any questions or are interested.


The pups are 6 months old now and I have been trying to spend a lot of time with them, nurturing them socially and giving them loose walks.  They love these and are a very tight group, playing and interacting all the time.  They also love running in amongst the older dogs and it surprises me how rough mom Lemmikki and dad Sven are with them.  Actually all the dogs play pretty hard but the pups just run back for more.   Mooz is almost as big as Lemmikki now and he is a little cautious to try new things.  I did take him for a ride in the truck and he did very well.  Tulugak is probably the most independent and likes to lead the chase. He also has a very endearing behavior of laying down with front paws crossed.  This is something our beautiful dog Raven used to do, and his name means raven.   Amaroq is the lover and is very social.  She will always come immediately when called and keeps her eye on where I am too.  I was sitting in my dining room and realized that at “my” end of the table, there is a moose skull, and picture of wolves and a raven calendar (from Diane, thank you)  and I named, totally independently, these pups the Ojibwa word for moose and Inuit words for wolf and raven.




And Kylla and Lena are big dogs now at eleven months.  I have started walking them about half the time loose and half in harness.  They are doing well and will be running this winter.  Kylla has a new name:  Kylla the Nose Hound !  I was walking her down the driveway today in harness so I could see her behavior well and she stopped and started digging in the leaves that have fallen from trees and line the driveway.  I looked and she was eating some dog food.  This happened three more times that she would just stop, dig in the leaves and there would be dog food,  and I couldn’t see it until she dug down.  So her nose must be great and what I am guessing is that the ravens have been putting the dog food there.  The ravens are in the dog yard everyday and find the food that the dogs have not eaten.  So they must hide it there…. do they have incredible memories or can they smell that well?


Sitka is the cabin husky right now as she was spayed last week.  For the first couple days, she was shy to jump up on anything, surprising for that litter.  But now she has taken to the couch and she is doing very well.



Many thanks to past handler Sadie who has moved to Duluth and is working for Woodland Hills, a residential facility for children.  She and 7 girls came up and helped walk and care for the dogs, shoveled gravel in the dog yard and stacked firewood.  It was so fun to have their good energy and the dogs loved all the attention.  Thanks girls!


We are looking forward to a mushing event sponsored by the Beargrease in a couple weeks.  The Lance Mackey film A Great Alone will be shown in Duluth and a dinner and talk by Lance will be on Nov.  14.  It is a benefit for the Beargrease and should get us all in the spirit for the season.


The owls have been around and today for the first time a “winter” bird, the pine grosbeak was at the feeders.  The evening grosbeaks have been here some and a lovely white breasted nuthatch.  Seems like there is only one but it is here all the time.


It has been a very nice fall….. filled with finishing up in the garden, getting the firewood in, split and stacked,  putting some new roofs on, planning a little shed addition, trailwork, shoveling gravel in the dog yard, fixing some dog houses and moving some dogs around and exercising huskies.  Things are going well.


Only a couple openings left for this winter (see the website under Dogsledding Trips) and so I am excited for a very fun time.  I would like to thank all of you who are spreading the word about Wintermoon Summersun; I have had many “word of mouth” referrals for this winter  (including a past Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, thanks Vivian) and I really appreciate it!








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