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November Full Moon of Gratitude

The Thanksgiving Full Moon helps remind one of all the blessings in life and that to focus my mind to gratitude should happen every day!  I know without a doubt that I could not be doing all the things I love, living the life I live, without having had immense help from so many people.  I know I could appreciate others more, show love more deeply, forgive and forget and think more kind thoughts.  May the beautiful moon help to remind me of this.


And so may I say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all who have been to, helped, worked and contributed to Wintermoon Summersun.  You all bring a smile to my (and the huskies) face.


This month she surprised me, glowing through the pines as I fed the huskies.  It had been so cloudy that I hadn’t seen the progression to full.  And now it is very cloudy and snowy again.  We have a little snow and some is in the forecast.


Lots of birthdays this time of year:  the Lemmikki/Sven pups just turned 6 months and they are as big as their mom now.  The 2 males really are the Sven Boys and little brown girl Amaroq is definitely Lemmidaughter.  They have been so fun to watch grow and learn.  Olga’s pups – Lena and Kylla just turned one.  Kesha’s pups – Olga, Sven and Akiak just turned two.  And our other Inuit huskies have late fall birthdays – Bear and Oh-too are seven and  Lemmikki, Trondheim, Tillie and Qimmiq are eight.


We have been very fortunate to be able to purchase over 400 acres over the years.  Beautiful land in the Superior National Forest.  We have also built two cabins that are time shared, cooperatively, and have two openings now.  If you would like to spend time in the Northwoods and not have the maintenance responsibility or high investment, email me for more details.  wintermoon@brimson.com.  Peaceful, natural, simple and affordable.


I have a special trip this March that DJ and I are doing to the Iditarod Start/Restart in Anchorage/Willow Alaska March 2-8.  We have an opening and if you would like details please email me.  We will help with the vets on the pee team, visit Headquarters, stay 2 nights at Martin Buser’s Happy Trails B&B, attend the Musher Banquet,…..


We had a couple wonderful trails/work weekends and thank you to all who helped.  It is a yearly project to nip and clear the trails and we have some of the nicest, and private, trails to mush on.  And thanks to Jackie who came last weekend and helped with the dogs.


I would like to welcome handlers Alyssa Nelson and Tricia Winters (part time) who will be joining us this winter.  They both love dogs and adventure so I think it will be a great mushing season.


The dogs are doing well training with the 4 wheeler.  The energy of the youngsters is boundless and I do have to watch them from chewing the lines.  They have gotten a couple neck lines but luckily Craig Johnson’s School of Environmental Studies students last season made me about a dozen so I am still good.  Their pulling has gotten more focused and there is lots of tail wagging.


One very great expedition that will be interesting to follow is Ann Bancroft’s latest Access Water.  It just set off in October and will include Liv Arnesen and six other women, each from a different continent  with its own unique water crisis.  First they are doing a 60 day journey through India along the Ganges River.  Along the way they will connect with 50 million children around the globe via the Internet in a dialogue about access to clean water, emphasizing the power of teamwork to foster change and address the crisis of fresh water.  See www.yourexpedition.com.  Yeah Ann and Liv!


We all hope you have a wonderful Holidays and that you can feel peace in your lives.

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