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whoops…. December Full Moon

Guess I  missed her……  it had/has been very cloudy and didn’t see her coming.  This full moon time was very busy preparing for our first mushing guests, 3 families to arrive right after Christmas.  Then we went into celebrating the New Year with six women who had never been here and Andrea, who has been here the most !  Thank goodness as she is an experienced musher and we needed her.   And then our beautiful snows earlier in mid December were of the wet/frozen/heavy kind and brought down brush and trees ALL over the trails, driveway,…   we have spent days out re nipping/chain sawing the impassable trails.  At least we got snow and it is wonderful.  Alyssa took this picture as she was out nipping.

trail work

Handler Alyssa Nelson arrived in early December and is doing great.  She loves the dogs (and they love her) and is an experienced outdoorswoman.  She has a Masters in Experiential Education and Sports Psychology, a great fit for us here.


The dogs and training are going well.  The two years olds, all nine of them, are really settling in and pulling well.  It is nice to have a group of 6-8 year old veteran experienced and amazing leaders to help train them.   I am hoping to start pairing the youngsters with some experience and get some new leaders too.  Oh-too is doing very good this year and has been out and pulling well.  Lena has gone on her first runs and Kylla will follow soon.  And we are walking the youngsters: 8 month old Amaroq, Mooz and Tulugak in harness.  I think by the end of the winter they will have their first hook ups.


One fun thing, on the first two trips of the season, five different women had heard about Wintermoon from five different referrals of other women who had been here.  Thank you so much to all who tell others about us.  It is how small businesses survive.  And also Wintermoon survives because of our friends:  many thanks to Anita, David, Tricia and Craig who helped on the first trips.  It is a life saver for us and we are looking forward to Chris and her dogs this coming weekend, then Lynne and DJ later in the month.


Another fun thing is I just saw the roster for the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon and nine of the fifteen entrants are women!  Maybe a woman will win it again.   The Race starts January 31 and the Start will be at the Hwy 2 checkpoint again this year as there is limited snow around Duluth.


I usually say at the end of the News… what trips still have openings and for the first time in 29 years, we have every trip filled.  Many thanks to all of you who will be joining us this season.  It has started off great and we are looking forward to every one.







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